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Officers' Quarters: Be careful what you promise {WoW}

Feb 21st 2011 5:01PM I am an officer in a small casual/social guild, which has aspirations of developing into casual raiding. We have always had 6 or 7 members who know their classes inside & out, and work hard gearing to end game content. To the point where we even had people clearing ICC outside of the guild during wrath. But when it came to guild runs at best we could only make 4/12 icc.

We have taken a new attitude to cataclysm, due to recruitments we have now got an improved roster of 15 85's who are working towards raiding. I have volunteered the role of Raid leader and we have gone back and worked on old raids to practice coordinations and raid etiquette etc.....

And focusing on new content I have created 3 fixed (5) man groups who are now working their way through cataclysm heroics.

We have given the individual teams names (so as not to undermine people with the Team 1 is better then Team 2 analogy)

Also we coordinate the runs on alternate nights, and at varying times. We also ask members to be online even if their group is not running incase of late or absent members from neighbouring groups.

I feel this is working well for our guild, I know the true challenge will come when we begin our first cataclysm raid, selection etc....
What I have chosen to base my selection on has been approved by the members, and as I say is a point that may yet be challenged in practice.

Raid composition and selection is based entirely on the success chances of the fight (individual) for the group..... Once we are confident on success we will then look at loot, if a hunter doesnt need loot then I will drop and bring in an alternative member that suits the composition requirement.

Raid selection:


Always bring your best to help the rest :)

Scattered Shots: Hunter enchants {WoW}

Jan 21st 2011 9:56AM I think alot of people are misunderstanding what frost is trying to detail here, this is not a list of what is best for your current financial situation (as committed as frost is he can't predict/ assume anything about your characters) all he is listing is the current games content best in slot enchants available (excluding the craft required ones).

Make of the list what you will, as individuals whether you're going to us it now (gold to invest) or use it later. But please don't grief someone because of blizz's design to make maelstrom crystals hard to get so early in the content.

The matts will become more affordable and so will the enchants.

Keep up the good work frost, and for the cynics and critics try to think of the collective sometimes.