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Breakfast Topic: Do you like PvP? {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 8:36AM I enjoy PvP.

However, the gear is where it all falls apart. I can PvE in quest greens and have a reasonable expectation that I will succeed. It won't be optimal, to be sure, but going into a heroic in greens and low blues does not get you insta-gibbed every thirty seconds.

Going into PvP without a full rack of PvP gear, however, DOES get just that result. So to participate in PvP, I either have to invest tens of thousands of gold for crafted PvP gear (my realm's prices are crazy bad), or grind justice / valor for weeks and weeks and weeks. PvP is fun... but it's not so much fun that I want to experience life as a variety of gold farmer for a month just to participate in it!

Also, there's the "newbie experience." At level 10 you get a message that you can now participate in battlegrounds. That message LIES. At level 10, you can enter the battleground, and give hunters free HK's while druids take your flags. This is true all the way to the level 30 bracket, regardless of your gear. And then at the 55-59 bracket, you spend your day flying all over the field as thirty death knights all try to DG you, and whoever gets you last massacres you with two hits... again, regardless of your gear.

if that's what people are walking into as their formative pvP experience, you can't be too surprised if htye come away with "that sucks"

Know Your Lore: The curious dissonance of Alliance leveling {WoW}

Apr 1st 2012 10:23PM Well, this is just the way the story works. The trouble stems from the fact that many players expect the two factions to be more or less equal in all ways... But they're not. This is simply because of how the factions are written.

All of the races of the horde have a common thread to unify them. They are all victims of some sort. Maybe not [i]innocent[/i] victims, but still victims. The orcs were betrayed by their leaders, enslaved by demons, then imprisoned by humans. The Tauren were nearly rendered extinct by their neighbors. The Darkspear trolls too, faced extinction at the hands of other troll tribes, and the Naga. The Forsaken and Blood elves were both abandoned and left to die in a diseased wasteland by their "allies" in the Alliance. For all their differences and divisions, the core of the Horde is that every member of the Horde can look at any other member of the Horde and say "I've been there, I know what that's like, that is my brother."

The Alliance, on the other hand, doesn't have that "bond of brotherhood" thing going. The Alliance is [i]purely military[/i] in nature. The Humans of Stormwind, the Worgen, the Night Elves, and the Draenei really have nothing to tie them together aside from having a grudge against one group or another in the Horde. The Dwarves are only in there because of their sense of honor and old relations with humans, while the Gnomes are tagging along in respect for the dwarves. Look at the story behind Gilneas. Look at how Alterac betrayed the Alliance. The Alliance is just that - a temporary agreement between different nations to provide aid to one another. An agreement that can be, and has been broken in the past.

Frankly hte only thing preventing the Alliance from breaking apart into just being a handful of separate nations, has been Garros Hellscream's constant antagonism against their holdings. Without that, the whole shebang would probably crumble under its own weight.

However, I think this WILL change in MoP - It's sounding as though the events of Cataclysm were a prelude to the Alliance factions finally finding some sort of "common cause," in hte manner that the Horde has. After the destruction of Theramore, maybe a human can look at a Night elf, and rather than seeing a nine-foot, blue, pointy-eared freak, he sees someone who suffered the same when the Horde blew up that place in Stonetalon, or when they leveled Astranaar.

Raid Rx: 7 pet peeves of healers {WoW}

Jan 21st 2011 3:10PM My peeve? Healers (and tanks) who have it in their noggin that only the DPS are ever at fault. As a mage, I know how to CC, on several levels. I know that standing in fire is bad. I have more than enough aggro dumps. All that doesn't help if Hurp the tank and Durp the healer are blithering morons. Hurp pulls massive packs and abandons his own kill order, while Durp is telling us how high he is while spamming renew on everyone and never ever drinking. Both of them treat sheep like there's an "Hit It Like a Welshman" achievement or something. If one of the DPS gets aggro or dies due to Hurp and Durp's sloppy work, there's a vote kick. Meanwhile these retarded land dolphins are rolling need on everything, "for their off sets."

If you vote kick either of them, you're stuck for up to an hour waiting for a replacement, while they've certainly gotten another group in no time. And there's no guarantee that the replacement won't be another healer who tries to pull at 10% mana, or a warrior dual-weilding daggers and wearing chain 'cause he misses his rogue in EverQuest.