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...and Mages and Warlocks too! {WoW}

Jun 4th 2007 4:03AM How about this...

I've been asked to summon people whilst strolling through Stormwind. Interesting considering I'm a warrior :(

Most annoying was last week, a level 12 outside the AH demanding money from everyone in the area with /s which is about normal. Ony then the complete pain kept spamming me with trade windows and asking for 5g!!

I've also had people demanding duels from me when in the middle of battles in Searing Gorge - great, can't you see I'm busy?! (Of course, I was a freakin' noob for declining and apparently attracted to the same sex...)

So, in summary, its not just specific class' - its anyone who is unfortunate enough to encounter some of the retarded scum who play WoW.

(Just my thoughts ;)

PS3 FAQ: answers to your PlayStation 3 questions {Engadget}

Nov 17th 2006 4:10AM lol - Chris you are so wrong. Yems is 100% correct in what he said. It doesn't matter whether the image is upscaled at the source machine (the PS3) or the display machine (the tv) it has to be upscaled at some point (or even down-scaled.) The important point is which machine has the better scaler. If a tv has a native resolution of 1080i then everything it displays has to be scaled (whether up or down) to that resolution. That's what makes the difference between good and bad plasmas - how they cope with input that isn't in their native resolution.