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5 reasons you should love Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 24th 2011 5:45PM the 'problem' with how the alliance has been handled as far as the war is concerned- them losing all the time- is that blizzard gave them too much territory in vanilla WoW. there had to be losses, but for some reason through cataclysm the alliance (as far as i can tell, i play horde mostly) seems not to have taken much offence to things like us cutting down ashenvale and virus bombing southshore. as far as playing through the eastern kingdoms and cataclysm zones goes they don't seem to be attacking us, even though i seem to spend a lot of time slaughtering them.
sooner or later they would have to fight back, but it's a shame that it will take the loss of theramore to prompt them into war. from a horde perspective, they've hardly been putting up a good fight, which is boring, even for us. oh and i know most people don't agree, but i like garrosh. Probably because i'm used to a more warlike type of orc than WoW's 'noble savages' kind, but hey i just like having a leader who's more 'savage ...erm savage'

The Queue: Name that companion pet. {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2011 11:36AM Q for the Q- is there ever going to be a point where blizzard stop not adding the cool abilities from the non-max level? I generally only play by leveling and not really having untill level 40 or more can be a pain. obvoiusly it works better with some classes than others, but i found my paladin quite boring untill i could get art of war- holy power just doesn't stack up fast enough when everything dies in a few seconds. Also i see that my prot warrior, won't be able to use shockwave come pandaria- i like to think he'll have to spend time adjusting for the shift in soil types and rock geomorphology.

The Lawbringer: The lessons of globalization and gold farming {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2011 12:59AM its worth remembering a few things about foreign culture laws etc. (i right culture as i have no real knowledge of the legal systems etc., ask an actual lawyer for that).

first that in some countries, copyright infringement, patents and the like are a foreign concept. as in, westerners say that your not supposed to copy this stuff when it does well? why? are they just being selfish?
in many Asian countries, there is quite easy access to tailored or otherwise small scale/home produced products (e.g. in india, clothes shops often advertise selling ready made garments, due to textile and tailors shops being just as, if not more, common). it leads to a situation where buring a designer dress or whatever mainly just means that you need to find a shop and bring a picture of what you want it to look like.
its not treated as stealing or anything as most of the things that we might have under copyright are quite likely to have been made by someone else before us anyway, so what right do we have to it. so the general philosophy is that you aren't actually stealing an idea or design, unless you literally nicked someones blueprints by breaking into their house with a crowbar.
the problem comes when this is applied to the work of a major enterprise, like WoW, which took immense sums of money and years of hard work to produce, and is actually on a physical level pretty unique (e.g. the code, spcific animation and graphics, not the concept of orcs and elves). its perfectly justifiable for blizzard to want to enforce copyright laws in foreign countries, but in some cases those laws are unlikely to be even recognizable to what we have in western countries.
as for china, apparently the reason WoW was banned, according to china, is that displaying bones in a games is taken about as well casually cutting to pictures of a yob stabbing your gran every time you level up would be here. that and even after that, they got caught in an internal legal dispute about which government department polices video games anyway. to be fair blizzard isn't exactly sticking to the spirit of the law that bans foreign companies marketing games there anyway, and you can't blame china for there being a problems with you marketing a game that you can only legally market due to a loophole in the first place (barring objecting to the original law, but even in a democratic system a foreign company should have no say whatsoever in somewhere else 's laws).