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Worgen druids at the end of Cataclysm {WoW}

Feb 14th 2012 9:45PM Well, as we have seen in the Blasted Lands and Felwood, and the other worgen packs in Kalimdor, the idea of going back to Gilneas doesn't appeal to them at all. They are making a new home for themselves and embracing the druidic teachings of the night elves. This is especially apparant with the worgen in Felwood, who view those woods as sacred to them and their new home.

While the other worgen, most seen in Eastern Kingdoms talk about taking Gilenas back. I really think that the nigth elves, who offered ALL of the worgen a new home with them in Darnassus, are taking them up on the offer.

I'd love to see more of their Gilnean side, but when it comes to the druid worgen, they are druids first and worgen second and Gilnean a distant third.

Know Your Lore: Where is WoW's story headed in the distant future? {WoW}

Jan 18th 2012 9:44PM The first time the Alliance does something morally reprehensible, or specifically target civilians or does anything that could be called "evil" the Alliance fanbase will be in a uproar that Blizzard is turning the Alliance into the Horde and players who like the "goody-guyness" of the Alliance will get upset. The Alliance players lose what moral high ground they have while the Horde players will just continue to point to that, like they do constantly with Camp Taurajo and say that the Alliance is just as bad as the Horde or even worse.

C'mon, they promised that the worgen were going to be a dark/forsaken type race that makes the Alliance edgier and we ended up with carbon copies of night elves who do everything they can to avoid war outside of Gilneas and want to protect sacred forests and all that. It doesn't fit with the Alliance's kit to havce a darker, more mroally ambigious race and how they've been presented, so they had to change to fit in with the "goodness" that is the Alliance.

I'd love for the Alliance to take the glove offs. And they have had plenty of chances and they all get whitewashed.

Maybe MoP will change things, maybe turning Jaina into a warmonger that wants to drink the blood of the orcs over what they did to Theremore will change things.

But while the Horde can get away with doing such things, the Alliance cannot due to the nature of what they are all about.

But let's see what happens in MoP...

The Queue: Pie party {WoW}

Jan 15th 2012 8:57PM Uggh... why did it go here and not the correct placE? please ignore.

The Queue: Pie party {WoW}

Jan 15th 2012 8:56PM @loop_not_defined

It was in the beta files, but never implemented. It was refered to as the "worgen_district_SW" or similar according to the dataminers who posted about. It was also talked about in MMO-champion as well. Do a search and you'll find all of the posts and information about the worgen district in SW.

Then they changed their minds, the park got destroyed and that's where it ended up at in Darnassus.

The Queue: Pie party {WoW}

Jan 15th 2012 2:00PM @LynMars

I remember that guy, personally I thought that he was touched in the head, or he really wanted to be a worgen but was never bitten or something.

It's a similar situation with the two "worgen" in Mount Hyjal. The guy makes mention of his worgen brethren, but he never turns into a worgen even at night like the two in SW do. And his wife/sister is dressed like a druid, but never goes into worgen form, and doesn't mention being a worgen.

Which makes for some very confusing things for the players. What's the point of the worgen if you have NPCs that stay in their human form the entire time? Wolfheart told us that worgen prefer to stay in their worgen form because of the added bonuses they get.

And SFK... mein gott... my first time in there was confusing as hell. Who is Ivar Bloodfang? Why is he helping the Alliance? I never saw him in Gilneas, but I remember that the Bloodfang pack was attacking us and turned my character into a worgen. So why the change of heart? Godfrey and his croonies are alive? WTF... did the Forsaken rez them? Why would they do that?

Then I played Horde-side Silverpine and suddenly SFK make a lot more sense Alliance-side. That's really lousy storytelling. At least with Deadmines, the Horde storyline made sense and you didn't have to play Alliance-side to understand what was going on.

The Queue: Pie party {WoW}

Jan 15th 2012 1:33PM Which was a very interesting article. They were planning on giving the Horde the worgen due to their "dark/savage" nature and thought they would be a better fit, and the goblins would be in the Alliance.

Then they realized that the Alliance already had a "jokey" race and with the darker tone that the Horde was taking in Cataclysm, having the goblins would provide some laughter/comic relief, which it did.

So they swapped them because they wanted the Alliance to have a "darker/savage" race, which actually never happened since the worgen that the Alliance got are a lot more similar to night elves in every respect, have a love for protecting nature and all around nice guys, hence the "furry night elves" comments that get thrown around a lot on the forums.

But I think that's due to the nature of the Alliance. Having a race that sticks out like a sore thumb doesn't work as well for the Alliance as it does with the Horde ::points to Blood Elves::

Funny how it all works out sometimes....

The Queue: Pie party {WoW}

Jan 15th 2012 12:20PM The third question got me wondering:

Was there going to be more of a worgen presence in Azeroth and did it all get cut due to Blizzard having to rush to get Cata out on time? We know that in the beta, there was a Gilneas/worgen park in SW, which could indicate that maybe the worgen were going to level in the EK or give them a better racial "capital" than the single tree that they currently have.

It just always felt like the worgen presence in Kal was tacked on, excepting Felwood, because they, after deciding to have the worgen level on Kalimdor realized that they didn't have any worgen there so quickly replaced several Alliance quest givers with worgen in places that never made sense. Then you have the 80+ zones that only have two quest giving/allied worgen in them. Unless the two in Goldrinn's shrine are afraid to be in their worgen form or something.

Darkshore- Really just one and he is handing out the same fishing quest that we got from Gump?

Ashenvale- A worgen that can talk to the elements? Isn't that a shaman's job? Unless they are seeding worgen as shaman or something.

STM- Didn't the Horde kick the worgen out of Gilneas? So while the H/A are having a war on their doorstep, the worgen are more concerned with killing baby black dragons?

Felwood- Good to know that we have worgen that just want to make a new home for themselves and be best friends with the Horde, until the Horde slap away their offers of peace and sanctuary. For a race that "lost" their country to the Horde, these worgen are awfully forgiving. While worgen in Felwood make sense, their peaceful attitudes to the Horde doesn't. But then that pretty much explains all of the worgen's attitudes towards the Horde which is, unless we are fighting for Gilneas, let's be best friends.

Know Your Lore: The top 10 lore reveals of Cataclysm, part 2 {WoW}

Jan 4th 2012 9:39PM I found the druids of the flame comment to be quite. I only wish that Blizzard would take the advice instead of doing what we all know they will and never bring it up again.

But unfortunately, when you have the Ancients right there, the guy who actually taught druidism telling the druids that it's his way or the villain bat. We will never get to see druids explore other ways of being druid without becoming villains.

So while the worgen, and the Gilneans practice a different form of druidism, presumed based upon how their titles and role revolve around the Harvest. While the trolls call Ancients loa and have their own ideas about druidism, sadly, that's going to and is currently being swept under the rug because if it's one thing that the night elves and tauren druids can't stand is druids thinking outside the box.

And while the druids of the Flame primarly left because of Malfurion's inaction with Ashenvale and working alongside the Horde, in the end, and as much as I dislike Malfurion's nuetral stance, he was right in the end. Saving Mount Hyjal and the tree were far more important than splitting the CC into Alliance and Horde factions who put thier faction above what druidic teachings say.

So goodbye Druids of the Flame. Too bad your impact and legacy die in the Firelands.

The Queue: Setting sail, coming home {WoW}

Dec 16th 2011 11:46AM Actually, that's not quite accurate about the Silver Hand no longer being around.

The Knights of the Silver Hand are still around:

"The Knights of the Silver Hand have done well in making this place fairly safe, but as you meet the other citizens, I think you'll find they all have problems they could use some help with--help a can give them. Good luck."

"Finally! We meet face to face, brother to brother. I welcome you to Northshire. This will be your home for a short time while you learn the ins and outs of how things are done, but know that Stormwind is not far off, and sooner or later, your path will take you there. But until then, be patient... Knight of the Silver Hand."

"So, you've made it! And not a second too soon. There's much to be done in Coldridge Valley and beyond. I'm gonna need your help as much as you're gonna need mine!

You're a Knight of the Silver Hand now, be ready to play the part."

They are still around, they just don't seem to play a role outside of the starting zone, which is really sad.

Aiding the Alliance: The idle Varian Wrynn {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 3:20PM @clundgren

Some points about your comments and I really have to wonder how much you have played as a goblin.

1) Blood elves got the Reliquary, which is the Horde's version of one of the biggest things that the Alliance had going on- The Explorer's League. While I agree that your blood elf leadership is AWOL, just like the Alliance's is, the blood elves haven't been lacking for lore. WotLK had a lot of Blood Elf story in it (Quel'dalara sp? as an example). Compared with what the draenei had gotten since BC, there are a lot of players that would love to trade places with the blood elves.

2) The goblins after level 10 just peter out? Did you not play in Azshara which was a goblin-only zone and continued the goblin story? How about Ashenvale/STM/STV/TH/Tanaris/Badlands which featured Bilgewater goblins extensively? How about that TH intro in which the goblins play an integral role?

Sorry, but compared to the worgen, who's story does disappear right after level 13 and basically get's overwritten by the night elves, the goblins make it out very good. They are featured in damn near every single 80+ zone while the worgen are limited to just 2 worgen showing up and a couple we aren't even sure are.

3) Baine? Play through the tauren starting zone and you'll see what he is thinking about Garrosh. Also, read the Shattering as well.

The Horde storyline is about the orcs, because the orcs run the Horde. They created, they are in the leadership position and the other races serve at Garrosh's beck and call.