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The Light and How to Swing It: Retribution of patch 4.1 {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2011 2:28AM From PvE Paladin perspective, offensive tool that would have some PvE use too would be very welcome. Snare would be one option as it has PvE use from time to time, although if I've understood correctly PvP Rets are not very happy about idea that Seal of Justice (in its current form) would be that snare as it would be way too big damage loss.

Also, while I do agree with Blizzard that Retribution shouldn't be off-healing spec by default and limiting WoG seemed to be easy (maybe not the most sophisticated) way to do that, I'd like to see Paladin self-healing pushed to par with other melee specs. WoG in 4.1 is not the tool for that since I assume that Blizzards idea for it is to be situational heal towards you allies.

Now if we go back and remember what was GC's design goal for Ret (something like "Arms warrior that sacrifices some mobility to healing and defenses"), at least I assume that that WoG is that healing (group utility) that we got instead of mobility. So basically by default our, now rare, WoG's should be reserved to support our companions... but where do we get the baseline self-healing that other melees have? In optimal situation it should come without too huge loss in our damage output (not saying that it shouldn't cost any dps), so that shuts basically out all of our current heals in their current state.

Now as old school Paladin I'm a big fan of Seals and would love see them playing bigger part in Ret mechanics. As we clearly have 2 damage Seals (SoR and SoT) and 2 utility Seals (SoJ and SoI)... how about bringing up suggestion that has been brought up by community ages ago:
2 Seals in use at the same time. Drop in talent (or give it as Ret spec specific) that allows Ret to have one offensive Seal and one Utility Seal active at same time.
SoI could (with maybe numbers tweaked a bit) act as self-healing. It would be perfect for it as it's only self-healing, requires to be in melee and to play offensively (as Blizz wants us). SoJ (again with numbers tweaked) would bring in the offensive utility that we've looking for and now without actual damage loss.

The Light and How to Swing It: Patch 4.0.6 for retribution {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2011 2:47AM Where's the edit button... :(
DS not CS. DS off from shared CD with CS... abbreviation mistakes hooray!

The Light and How to Swing It: Patch 4.0.6 for retribution {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2011 2:41AM Sorry, a reply mistake from my part... with cheap solution I meant taking CS off from shared CD with CS.

The Light and How to Swing It: Patch 4.0.6 for retribution {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2011 2:39AM Well that's always a possibility, although in my opinion it's a bit cheap workaround and only leads to another problem. Setting up AOE abilities to single-target rotation will only cause problems further down the road. I think a lot of Paladins complained about having AOE abilities (DS and Consec) in single target rotation previously, and at least I got the impression that Blizzard agreed this being bad desing. Now taking DS off from shared cooldown would only drive us towards that direction again.

The way I see it, DS should be holy power generator for AOE situations, sharing CD with CS just like now. Holy Wrath should be then made (via talents) a proper AOE finisher as for now it's extremely bad "filler" with it's meteor-effect, high mana cost, long CD and low dmg.

Removing HW from single target rotation would definitely open a "gap" that somehow needs be filled. For that I'd like to see a low/medium damage melee ability that would also refresh/extend Inquisition duration.

I know that talking about new abilities at this point is totally unrealistic, I don't for a second believe we'll go down that road with upcoming patch... probably not even with the next one. If something happens, it will probably be fine tuning existing abilities/talents.

Really, there are multiple very well thought solution models out there. The Ret community, it's most "talented" members from both PvP and PvE have offered Blizzard numerous routes to solve the burning problems (aoe, boring rotations, low survivability, mobility, you name it...) that have been raised since the beta days. So it's not that community wouldn't have submitted, it's either that Blizzard don't agree on the actual problems, they just don't have time/means to make fixes or then all the good ideas have drowned into the river of tear on the official forums.

But like always, we'll just keep waiting.

The Light and How to Swing It: Patch 4.0.6 for retribution {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2011 1:35AM Nice article and summary of changes, thanks for that.

From PvE perspective I'm mostly worried about AOE output that we have (or lack of it), it seems quite illogical to me why Blizzard isn't mirroring the holy power build up-finisher mechanics to Retributions AOE damage dealing. Of course there's only so much development time they can put to one spec so at this point we just need to suck it up and wait for better days (like so many times before).

Another thing, people are around the boards very concerned about our slowed down Holy Power generation (4.0.6 vs. live), I personally wouldn't see that as problem (in PvE) if we could just use our Holy Power to Templar's Verdicts. Having an ability that would either refresh or extend Inquisition would add three things, quality of life upgrade, added skill factor (as in keeping Inq up as long as possible) and we could spend our slowly generated HoPo's to our signature ability.

Although no confirmation of patch going live has been released, the lack of PTR changes lately and the fact that number of Ret changes released for this patch so far is a bit higher than normally sounds like we have to wait at least until next major patch before next wave of changes is released.

Sometimes this Blizzards way of proceeding one step at the time feels very frustrating, especially when you already know in advance what the next step should be.