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Spiritual Guidance: Patch 4.0.6 for discipline and holy priests {WoW}

Feb 6th 2011 10:20AM Hello Ylspeth! Well I admit at first I was gonna jump on your statement, but then When i got to the part where you said: "Often this past month, I have ended a raid night feeling like I am basically being carried by the other healers." I felt I could relate. However that being said, I always try to be objective as to OP / UP issues... Theres no doubt it when you are Full i lev 359+ and knowing how the healing/Mana model is supposed to play like now, That both PoH and Holy Concentration is extreamly OP.
Some reasoning: First, switch spec's to Disc, and Time your PW:S to proc Rapture properly Watch/feel the difference on Regen between the 2 Spec's. theres seriously like a 40% Difference in mana Regen, and with Holy Concentration you dont even need to think about it.
Second, Healing is supposed to be "Triage healing" now, aside from being challenging from a mana perspective. Spamming 150 PoH in a Boss encounter is NOT Triage healing, and yet if you do this, you will Prob TOP the meters wether your Disc or Holy. So one Button specs, and triage Healing go out the window with a viable PoH spam.
Now with ALL that being said the other changes that are being implemented, the other like 9 BUFFS are much needed! Lastly not mentioned at all there no Doubt about it Divine Hymn has NOT been mentioned at all on the PTR notes which is Puzzling... That spell need to be addressed. It's not in line with the other healing CD's either nerf the other calss CD's or Buff the Priest DH, I just want to see it balanced!

Raid Rx: Patch 4.0.6 healing thoughts {WoW}

Feb 6th 2011 1:28AM 4.0.6 Can't come quick enough for Discipline Priests... It's been a bit of an unfun/unfair roll so far in Cata. Priests in General have had MAJOR issues that even now baffles me that all of these issues got to live. No other class has had so many critical errors in balancing the intended gameplay. I can list them for the players who have no clue. I just wanted to vent... and it will be good to see discipline, specifically rise to power again as a powerful healing/prevention spec. I also want to say to those Pally healers that QQ a bit, I am equally confused as to your "concerns" with healing thus far... you've had a bit of an OP status (healing) all of Cata so far, and it always bugs me when players are not objective about their classes. That they are TOTALLY BLIND, and or deflect/dismiss clear imbalances, or oddities that should be addressed in the class/spec that they play every raid. To ensure I don't sound hypercritical I'll offer these 2 examples about priests that need to change, and they are (and I called this before 4.0.6 notes were posted)
#1 Holy Concentration felt WAY to Powerful, esp. comparing it to the more complex Discipline Regen ability (Rapture)
#2 Prayer of Healing being reduced 15%, Honestly I almost think it should be reduced more, Since Cata launched a priest can spam that in raids and top the meters (just the expression, not always true) That's not Triage healing!! and now with the Devine aegis Buff to PoH I think Disc priests will find it mathematically beneficial to continue to spam PoH, I dont work at Blizzard and I can tell you thats not going to be be "Working as intended".

Raid Rx: Patch 4.0.6 healing thoughts {WoW}

Feb 6th 2011 12:56AM NickH Soory brah, but like PotI mostly overheals, and Honestly I can't Remember the last time I saw our Holy Pally's getting "up close and personal" in Raid encounters. That Spell is incredibly powerful even at a 30% Nerf. It's a totally passive ability that you dont even need to think about; dropping 7K heals on you every time you cast ANY heal... lol like wat!!?