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Totem Talk: Enhancement's 4.2 shopping list {WoW}

Jun 12th 2011 9:35AM Doesn't look like there is anenhancement shaman craftable weapon...and there are a lot of craftable weapons. Looks like we may be screwed on that front again--lest you forget that our craftable when 4.0.6 went live cost an absolutely absurd 25 Hardened Elementium bars! By the time they changed the recipe to match up with other, similar recipes (which used only 5 bars) it was long past time for most of us to need to craft a weapon anyway.

Anyone know if the crafting lists are finalized? I want Pyrium Spellward to be an axe!

Totem Talk: An enhancement view of Blackwing Descent {WoW}

Feb 7th 2011 10:53AM If you're looking to maximize dps on Maloriak, ask your raid if you can be the lone designated interrupter of Release Aberrations. Someone else will need to get all of the Arcane Storm casts (we have an Ele shaman on those in my raid). Maloriak always goes through 2 "sets" of phases, where he uses three vials (Red, Blue, Green). He will always use the green vial third, but you cannot predict whether he uses red or blue first.

During the red + blue vial sections you'll need to interrupt two (and ONLY two) of his SIX Release Aberration casts. I usually interrupt the first and the third cast to space out the release of the adds (three come out on each cast). If you are using an addon to track whether or not the interrupt goes off, it may be bugged--you'll know the interrupt was successful if you do not see the huge purple beams of energy go from Maloriak to the back of the room to activate the adds. You can also get a whole view of the room by using the command "/console cameradistancemaxfactor 5", then zoom all the way out--this way you can usually see whether or not the adds come out [I always type this first thing when I log into WoW]. Call out on vent if you were unsuccessful with the interrupt so your OT is prepared to pick up the adds.

When the green vial goes into the cauldron line yourself up exactly in front of the boss and in the line of the cauldron--this way you will get shot straight back and should still be right on Maloriak when he flies across the room. It is at this point the raid will begin AoE but YOU will still be on the boss. Drop a magma totem, do an immediate Fire Nova, and use Chain Lightning when it's up (do your AoE rotation if you have one). Maloriak will pretty quickly cast an Arcane Storm which the designated person will interrupt. Then Maloriak will IMMEDIATELY cast his first Release Aberrations cast in the second set of six. THIS IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT INTERRUPT--you don't want the OT to have to grab three brand new, full health adds while your raid is finishing off the adds that are already there.

Now you rinse and repeat the same process--make sure you interrupt one more (and only one more) of his Release Aberrations casts. It doesn't really matter which one, but I usually do the third cast because the OT is ready to pick up adds on that second cast. If your OT is running in to trouble by the time the sixth cast comes, it's okay to interrupt it but be prepared to Bloodlust and pop all CD's to get down the giant Release All Aberrations cast after the second green phase (remember--all of the adds that you interrupted in previous phases are released at this point). You cannot interrupt Release All Aberrations--you just have to burn burn burn at this point.

Stay alive, stay out of fire, and you'll be all good.