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Breakfast Topic: Is the thrill finally gone? {WoW}

Sep 13th 2011 6:06PM I would say any diminished enthusiasm I have has more to do with the MMORPG genre in general then specifically with WoW. You can only chase the gear carrot for so long.

I have tried the free trial for pretty much all the major AAA MMOs that have come out over the past four years and none of them came close to gaining my attention really. Blizzard to me does such a great job at the level of polish for the things they put out. Yes there are initial bugs and such but the artwork, animations and life they put in the environments is without equal in my eyes.

As for upcoming MMOs, the Starwars universe doesn’t float my boat and GW2 is pretty iffy in to me. GW2 has some great screen shoots of their environments that look promising but so did FFIVX and their environments are so utterly lifeless. This crusade to remove the holy trinity seems to resonate with the masses but I’m not overly sold on the idea. Once again FFIVX tried to move away from it and the group dynamics were horrible. I also hear that Rifts group content isn’t overly engaging either. Most of the write-ups I have seen where people wrote up their hands on experience go something as follows. “The dynamic group quests are great and not having to worry about needing a healer, tank and DPS is a blessing. While doing the quests combat feels very fluid and engaging. You can easily see were players are placing AOE heals so if needed you can jump out of combat to grab a quick heal. The more durable classes with heavy armor tended to lead the vanguard while the lighter armored and ranged players harassed the flanks.”

Don’t know about you but reading between the lines it seems to me the holy trinity is still there just maybe not as structured as it has been in the past and maybe that will be enough for GW2 to hit it big.

Guild Wars 2's crafting system detailed and demonstrated {Massively}

Sep 6th 2011 5:15PM @(Unverified)
I totally agree with you on this. FFXIV did the same thing as far as crafting recipes go and before the game even came out of the open beta there were several websites listing all the recipes.

This method of doing craft isn't a bad or good thing to me really. To me its just a normal generic run of the mill uninteresting selling point. Definitely not something I would say "this makes our game better then the other guys."

Breakfast Topic: Why can't my night elf have red hair? {WoW}

Jul 8th 2011 4:11PM For two either one or two alpha/beta builds of Cataclysm I was the happiest dwarf in the land with my Wildhammer tattoos. Don't know why blizzard pulled them out.

The Queue: Alex talks mostly about RIFT due to lack of anything better {WoW}

Feb 7th 2011 11:29AM Ahhh that I think that is going to be one of my favorite lines.

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