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Your guide to battleground people-watching {WoW}

Dec 12th 2006 12:48PM Hmm, how about those players who just have to stop for every single hk? These are the ones who dismounts for a single kill even if 5 of his/her teammates are already on the target. They'll run past flag carriers or undefended nodes if they have to in order to get that kill.
What would you call someone who can't read maps? Well, some would point to one of the genders. Anyways some players just don't seem to notice where a friendly flag carrier could use escorting, which weakly defended node needs support, or a tower that can easily be captured back.

So... did you get a Wii? {Engadget}

Nov 19th 2006 8:20PM Yea, Nintendo World f'd up pretty bad today. I don't understand how their own store was not prepared to handle this launch. Why no will call line for preorder customers? Why no store hours extension on launch day...while there is one in effect for tommorrow morning?? Why when the line became unmanageable they don't start turning away those without preorders from the back? I placed my preorder several weeks ago. I didn't realize it was basically meaningless today and that I should have just camped with everyone else. oh well.