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[Updated] On the twelfth day of giveaways, KingsIsle gave to me... {Massively}

Dec 25th 2011 4:02AM I love the fact that Wizard 101 is one of the few games that I can enjoy online with my six year old daughter and not have to worry about her when I step away from the screen for a few minutes.

Wizard 101 has brought my daughter and I together and given me a chance to introduce her to my favorite hobby MMOs.

I also love that while the game is simple enough for a six year old, it is complex enough that an adult can enjoy it very much.

I tell all my friends with kids about Wizard 101 and regularly blog, tweet and facebook about it because I want other adults and children to get in on the fun.

Caption this, win a white Vindictus wolf hood! [Updated 11/5] {Massively}

Oct 19th 2010 6:32PM Lann, the day after watching The Matrix for the first time.

TUAW review and giveaway: Booq Boa push bag for iPad {}

Sep 13th 2010 4:19PM I would carry my top secret plans for using my iPad to take over the world.

GamersFirst promoting anonymity in response to Blizzard's Real ID system {Massively}

Jul 8th 2010 9:07PM I can't find where to redeem the code mentioned.

Aion and Rooster Teeth: Power leveling is bad {Massively}

Apr 23rd 2010 6:15PM I can't believe those people that say that leveling alts in WoW is hard. I am a married professional with a kid and I have still had time to level 7 classes to 80, and have 2 at 73 and 74 that will soon be there as well. Leveling is easy. These days it is so much better because you can break up the grind by doing BGs and get honor and XP as well. It is always nice to ding 80 and already have a full set of purples ready to equip (sure they are BG welfare epics but still).

Brenlo talks EverQuest II's future {Massively}

Mar 30th 2010 11:16AM Jef, the link to the forum posting is broke.

The Anvil of Crom: AoC community guide {Massively}

Mar 28th 2010 8:33PM I came back to AoC a month ago after stopping back after launch. OMG the game is 1000x better now. I plopped down a years sub cause I know I will still be enjoying the game in a year. Heck at less than $10 a month for a year sub it is hard to say no.

The Daily Grind: Soured on Allods Online? {Massively}

Feb 22nd 2010 8:36AM All I can say is that I took the money I was going to spend on Allods Online and spend $40 in RoM's Cash Shop and another $15 to renew my AoC subscription. So that is at least $45 Allods lost from me that I would have spent if not more.

Allods opens cash shop, prices drive players insane {Massively}

Feb 19th 2010 3:36PM I was looking forward to the cash shop in Allods but there is no way in heck I will spend $20 for a bag. I will just spend my F2P money on RoM I guess.

Win a lifetime of LotRO from Massively {Massively}

Dec 23rd 2009 12:42PM I am a nice guy. Santa please pick me.