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Sharing the same UI across all characters {WoW}

Dec 14th 2011 4:10AM I'm a raid healer (tree, pally, priest; baby shaman that will be... one day), and I use an all-in-one. The important part for me was putting Grid in the right place: I have it in the middle on the bottom of my screen, but I don't use a viewport or multiple rows of action bars, so it's very easy to see health bars without getting tunnel vision. I put all my action bars in a single line along the bottom of my screen, with an additional line on one side that has class buttons (pally auras, druid forms, hunter aspects). Then I use SUF and Quartz to put unit frames and cast bars around Grid so that I can see me, my target, focus, and pets, and their targets, with minimum eye movement. I use PowerAuras in the middle of the screen (around my toon) to keep track of important buffs and cooldowns. Omen and Skada go to the side, where I can see them if I need to but they don't get in my way. I find this works well for all classes and roles, because all my important information is always centrally located, so I don't have to switch addon profiles if I go from tree to boomkin, or get confused trying to find Grid when I play a pure DPS class. I do use different Grid profiles for each class, though, so I can see class-specific info. And I use a similar Clique setup on every healer: big heal, small heal, fast heal, rez, etc., are always bound to the same button. This helps when I haven't played a toon in a while because muscle memory does a lot of the work.

Reader UI of the Week: Going transparent with Quatho's UI {WoW}

Mar 10th 2011 8:50AM I've found Skada to be more reliable than Recount, e.g., two people running Skada in a fight have the same numbers, whereas I often got different numbers with Recount. It also uses less memory (idk if Recount has improved on this score). There are options you can set in Skada to discard trash, so maybe that would affect someone's totals, but for a given fight, Skada is accurate enough. The only thing I miss is Recount's graphical breakdown of spell usage. If you are really interested in accurate meters or fight analysis, just save the combat log with an addon like Loggerhead and upload to World of Logs.

Blood Sport: PvP keybindings -- ESDF and roaming index finger variants {WoW}

Mar 9th 2011 8:50AM ESDF looks really useful for a DPS class, but I don't think I could use it for a healer. Most of my alts are healers, and I use Clique bindings, which means I need easy access to modifier keys. I also have quite small hands and reaching modifier keys from ESDF requires some awkward stretching (actually, even using modifiers + number keys is difficult for me; shift is okay, ctrl is out of the question). I've been using a Razer Naga for about a year now and it has fulfilled all my keybinding needs. I use the number pad layout, giving me 12 extra keys, 6 of which are easy for me to use regularly, so with modifiers I have an extra 24 easy-to-use keys, and I can still use Clique for healing.

Raid Rx: What druid and shaman cooldowns would you like to see? {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 3:03PM Druids don't need more healing spells, what we could really use is something like Pain Suppression or Hand of Sacrifice -- survival cooldowns that we can use for other people. ToL is a good CD, but paladins and priests have similar CDs to increase their healing output, whereas druids have no comparable external damage mitigation CDs. All the plus-healing cooldowns in the world won't help if your tank takes damage faster than you can heal through it.

Plus all that stuff about "druids have too many spells" always seemed kind of silly to me. My tree has hotkeys to spare, but my priest can barely find enough click combinations to bind all her healing spells.

Raid Rx: No healing assignments?! {WoW}

Feb 11th 2011 6:08PM I think you're right. I'm healing lead in my guild and I used to give healing assignments during Ulduar and even ToC, but I stopped during ICC when they became more of a hassle than they were worth. I just put everyone on raid and the assignment was "heal the green bars". That worked, because we could all stand around spamming whatever we wanted all day long, and we'd just laugh if anyone died in the fire. It does not work now.

Your example of BH is great, I've seen that problem, too. Dispels cost a lot of mana, without healing assignments a healer can easily go OOM, which means more work for the other healers who have to cover for them.

What I find funny is that I felt more camaraderie with the other healers in my guild when we had healing assignments. We functioned more like a team, whereas free-for-all healing, while it worked, felt more like a competition. More of our healers paid attention to healing meters (which I hate), and while it's nice to have a sense of accomplishment, that kind of behavior is really bad for healers who are supposed to work together. In Cata, it's really important for healers to talk to each other again, but I think the Wrath mentality makes people more reluctant to say, "I need some help with this", because you can't really expect support from people you're competing against.

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