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Crafting for Profit {WoW}

Jan 18th 2007 10:07AM I made a batch of Runecloth Bags yesterday because I was able to buy enough mats to make 8 bags for a total price of about 23g, and the only bag listed on the AH was listed at a 10g BO. I listed 6 of them at 8g, and they were all sold within an hour. Sadly, I was back in Outland, and unable to capitalize more. Usually, I don't bother to craft for money, but when there are that sort of margins at stake, I'm willing to do so. People make alts, and somehow, that equates to the need for more bags (even though they are not BOE).

Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 2 {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2007 9:37AM Just outside Seyda Neen, I came across Tarhiel.

Breakfast Topic: Favorite quest chain {WoW}

Nov 20th 2006 9:25AM My personal favorite has always been Field of Grief, aka the pumpkin quest, from Tirisfal Glades. An excerpt, via Alla:

"Stay away foul and unholy creature! May the Light protect me! The Scarlet Crusade shall rid Azeroth of your... oh wait. Is that food for me? I am so hungry..."

"By the Light! Finally some food! Sweet, sweet pumpkin...."

Captured Scarlet Zealot says, "I... I... don't... feel... right..."

Captured Scarlet Zealot says, "My mind... my flesh... I'm... rotting... !"