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Officers' Quarters: Thanks, but no thanks {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2011 2:44PM Here's our guild:
1st rank: Red Shirts (default rank when you join)
2nd rank: Socials (PvPers and friends of friends of distant cousins who used to play)
3rd rank: Alts (not for socials)
4th rank: Raid ready alts
5th rank: Raiders
6th rank: Non-authenticated high permissions rank (Co-GM without Authenticator because he's paranoid).
7th rank: Authenticated rank (can withdraw from the restricted areas of bank)
8th rank: GM

No one is promoted out of Red Shirt until they talk to me, the GM; or if they are an Alt they should immedicately be promoted as such. I ignore people in the Social rank (never ask them if they want to raid unless I am desperate). Red Shirt remains the recruit rank; some are there for 1 night, others for weeks.

Having extra people in the guild annoys some of your people, but honestly, it helps everyone. Need a 5th for a heroic? Trying to get Guild Achievements? Need someone who is an enchanter at 4am? The bigger you get, the more options you have.

We have 33 online for our 25 player raids, and have about 33 more that log on other times of the week. Most have 2-6 alts.

Reader UI of the Week: Back to basics with Kahle {WoW}

Jul 5th 2011 3:51PM I have a UI setup simiarly to this, as a healer I have the same philosophy of getting the clutter of the UI to the bottom of the screen so I never have to look up, then down, then back up again.
What's the timer on my debuff? look down
how are those life bars? look down
What's the cooldown on X? look down
Am I standing in fire? look at the screen
Easy, clear, quick.

The Light and How to Swing It: Patch 4.2 lets our mastery stack {WoW}

Jun 13th 2011 4:18PM From elitist jerks:

It takes roughly 14 Divine Lights to stack a bubble up to 42,000 health (roughly 1/3 of a well geared 4.1 Holy Paladin's health pool). Is this all overhealing?

More importantly, if it isn't overhealing, then the bubble isn't stacking, so there's no improvement.

Mastery is still worthless unless they change the caveat:
1. It only works on Direct heals

It doesn't work with Beacon, nor Holy Radiance. Mathematically it makes no sense.

Raid Rx: Raid healing horror stories that taught us a thing or two {WoW}

Mar 11th 2011 3:55PM During Nefarian attempts I was healing the Onyxia tank and he got an add on him, so I used the Paladin taunt that targets a player Righeous Defense and taunted 3 mobs off of him.... including Onyxia. "Oh crap!" I said on Vent. Splat goes me and she breathed on the raid for good measure.

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