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Cooldown removed on Icy Prism {WoW}

May 10th 2011 11:43AM The Dragons eye is used with some infinite dust to make the current best in game "prismatic" gem +10 stats nightmare tear. There are no cata prismatic gems out yet, hence imo the crazy demand for the wrath dragon eyes still.

Drama Mamas: Sexist jerk or personality conflict? {WoW}

Apr 16th 2011 11:38AM While, i agree with a combination of our lovely acting phsycologists responses today, i do think that what we fail to obtain from NSWTD question is the conotaion and tone of Mr. X. And before i contiune let me announce I AM FEMALE AND I RAID! I've experienced everything you could think of from the sexist and jerk gene pool, I do sympatize with you NSWTD, however, repore and tone play a HUGE role in my book when it comes to how I respond to potential sexist remarks, and jerky behavior. Everything from OMG your voice is so sexy in vent, to, go make me a sammich. BUT I can usually tell by the tone of dudes voice or who the toon name is, if they are just being silly or sexist. I've been fortunate enough to not be "stuck" with someone that I thougth was crossing the line, and if I did think someone was crossing the line, a PST usually put a stop to it, with no repercusions on me. NSWTD you need to remember WOW is like any other country, city or state in the world. You have the option to live (realm) work (guild) elsewhere. And just like any place of employment they should have their rules clearly posted somewhere, and if they don't technically it's open season with no repercusions, final say lies with the owner/boss (guild master), as long as it's not violating the parent companies rules (blizzard). It sounds to me as though you have tried everything a normal person can do, try to be adults and work it out with the person you have the conflict with, well thats a no go, then go to the next person up in the food chain, the manager (officer), that didn't make it better? Well as Robin suggested, go higher up the food chain to the guild master. That STILL doesn't work? Well I'm sorry but I think it's time to find something a little more comfortable for you. WOW is supposed to be FUN, and if your not having fun then you are probably with the wrong people. Yes, yes I understand you have fun with others in the guild and feel as though you got there first, giving you senority. Alas, it does not always work that way. How many people have worked at the same company for years on end just to see the new guy get the promotion they were yearning after thinking all their hard work and dedication would land them the spot? You don't like the way Ford does business, go work for Crysler. Mcdonalds doesn't appreciate your hardwork and dedication, go give Burger King your training and expertise. Don't let X ruin your WOW experience. The first time i was kicked out of a pug dungeon at lvl 79, back before dungeon finder for my DPS being too low, i literally cried, burned 1k gold on a ton of new gear which was stupid seeing as i was nearly 80, and complained to my brother, who also plays WOW. His response was (and i'm not sure if i can cuss on here) F em. There are plenty of other people out there who aren't jerks, and if you tried to work it out because you enjoy most of what your current guild has to offer, and that just ain't happening, then you need to do what will make NSWTD comfortable and happy. If you don't you will find yourself dreading the game you love and try to use as a means to make you happy. I too changed guilds a while back, not for your reasons, but when I left a handful of people got put into the friends list. Just because you leave a guild does not mean that you are bared from having any contact with any part of that guild ever again. GL chica

Gold Capped: Improving the default auction house interface {WoW}

Mar 25th 2011 1:22AM While I religiously use Auctionator for 99% of my AHing (because I found about it from a Basil article), I wholeheartedly enjoy it more than the regular AH interface, it has improved my AH experience a million fold. However, there is one thing the normal AH UI does for me that I can't seem to get auctionator to do. And being a proffession junkie, all 6 of my toons are constantly trolling the AH for that recipie that they just haven't gotten to drop yet, at a descent price. Even if its a friggin vanilla recipie that no ever asks you to make, I still want it in my repituare. Being able to go into the AH, hit recipie, check usable and search, is something that would just break my heart if I couldn't do that anymore. Because I'm not looking for one specific recipie, I'm looking for a handful of recipies, with all kinds of different names (and sometimes more than one proff on the same toon i.e. enchant/JC both of which take recipies) and I'd hate to have to type those in one by one. But, other than that, Auctinator all the way!!!!!!!!

Officers' Quarters: Be careful what you promise {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2011 8:21PM I wonder why raiding has become so complicated in cata. My guild went through a similar issue, well not the whole guild mainly me i guess. Anyway, a group of RL friends had this guild, and invited a handful of wow friends (me in that 2nd catagory) right before cata's launch, with lots of alt's, and added new members. So roughly 50 toons total, mostly 85s now. I had raided with this guild prior to joining it, that was part of my reason for joining it. Most of them hit 85 a week before me, mostly because I lvl'd entirely without the dungeon system because I couldn't find the dang entrances. Then another week ensues of me trying to up my ilvl to get into heroics, since i finally found the dungeons. By this point the others have been pugging the raids to get the experience. Finally I am ready to raid. We have 15 people raid ready, but some are alts and others just arent interested in raiding. Which ends up with exactly 10 people for the raid, which includes me. I get my 1st calander invite, I accept, I talk to everyone in chat about how excited I am to finally raid. I get to go on one raid, we did OK, got first two bossess down, of course they had seen it before since they pugged, I had not. Week 2, I get my calander invite, i accept, talk about it in guild chat, raid time comes and goes and I'm sitting in org waiting on a group invite, guild chat has gone quiet. Finally look at roster and all 9 people are already in the raid, sans me. I'm ticked, guild chat lights up complaining about some person i've never heard of, obviously the pug they took instead of me. Week 3, I get my calander invite, i accept, we talk about it in guild chat. Raid time comes and goes, guild chat goes quiet, i wait in org for my group invite. Repeat week 2, everyone is in raid already sans me, guild chat lights up complaining about a person i've never heard of. The next day I breakdown and talk to one of the key members, and he says well we have an odd number of toons, so we are going to have one officer run and one other run as soon as so&so gets to 85. Now i'm even more ticked "I AM AN OFFICER" And besides, odd number of toons?? what does that have to do with taking a pug? There were 10 raid ready and willing members online at the time of the raid, guild members should come before pugs, period. The next day the GL pst's me, apologizing profusely to me, part of the officers think that progression is more important than who gets to go, and the other part thinks that guildies should come first. He was trying to keep the peace, at first that didn't anger me, but after I thought about it I realized, that means that there are some officers who think that we won't finish the raid "if" I come along, or "if" I come along we won't get anywhere. I mean that had to be what they meant cause I was the only one excluded. Me not going would get them farther into the raid. Well RL ensues and the day after me and the GL talk the guild starts to break apart, people joining other bigger guilds so they can get into raids easier, since guild members come first after all, ironic huh. And the guild is left with not enough people to put together even one 10man. I too left shortly after that, I was going to give them another chance, but with the guild not raiding at all together anymore, and me doing all my raiding with another guild, why not join that other guild?

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