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The Queue: My "Glimpses" prediction {WoW}

Aug 12th 2011 11:47AM Yes Loop it is. When when Dante yelled to his then gf not to give any more bjs while leaving. Ya know cuz he was disgusted she'd sucked 37 well, you know.

Think this is the part. ^ Enjoy.

The Queue: Spite {WoW}

Jun 13th 2011 2:06PM I haven't healed on my priest in a month, so I may have missed something, but generally speaking Heartsong was considered better for Holy priests. Having said that, if you are not having mana regen issues whatsoever, there is no reason you couldn't go with Power Torrent. Not a fan of an int proc though. I hated that they changed the TB trinket proc from Mastery to Int.

I would think you could set up something like Power Auras (which I have little experience with) or NeedtoKnow, or any similar addon to track when Power Torrent procs.

" For Holy, Heartsong will net about 40-50 more mp5 than Power Torrent. Timing shadowfiend
with a PT proc will increase the regen benefits of that enchant. For Disc it’s much closer, with
Heartsong having about 10 mp5 advantage over PT. So with good shadowfiend management
PT could be nearly equal for regen."

I've just kinda stuck with Heartsong because of the above, and because I didnt' have Power Torrent until recently. EJ even still shows Hurricane as an acceptable enchant for your weapon. Guess it just kinda depends on your needs.

Arcane Brilliance: The first things your mage should do after patch 4.1 drops {WoW}

Apr 24th 2011 5:35AM 2v2 is always a bad example since the WoW Devs openly admit its not balanced, and is (nearly?) impossible to balance.

Besides, maybe they were really really bad frost mages...maybe you coulda won >.>

Lichborne: More blood tanking questions answered {WoW}

Apr 12th 2011 7:15PM However you can have an interrupt build and still have Lichborne.

Something such as:

I'm not sure why you would drop Lichborne anyhow. Least of all for interrupts. You can have both.

Officers' Quarters: Burnout already? {WoW}

Mar 21st 2011 12:50PM Coming from a small guild myself, to an extent I can sympathize. I joined it late in Wrath, on an alt, because I could do some ICC on it there. Their core Group all but went MIA shortly after Cata dropped, and The current "core" is a few of the core group coupled with the saturday 2nd/alt group.

Anyhow, the departure of some of the core raiders probably set progression back some, though we had 10 ppl show up for the first month or two. We also started on Halfus. At this point I'd swapped to my main, a healer. Don't give up on Halfus. It very well could be that it wasn't the tanks or healers fault per se. Some combinations of drakes are harder than others (at least at first). The BIG thing is knowing what each drake does (buffs him/debuffs him). If, as an example, you have Nether Scion, Slate, and Whelps, you have to contend with a Mortal Strike and increased weapon speeds if the first two are left down..When we left Nether Scion down and let Slate and whelps out..our tanks got flat MURDERED. The rate at which the MS stacked was too much. So we swapped strats, left Slate down (we be lazy mon) let the other two down, and Halfus attacked slower, had a chance to miss, and did less damage (i

Officers' Quarters: A RIFT in leadership {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 2:31PM It would seem I am of the opposite opinion in regards to some of the posters above me. Heroics, at the start, are maybe a bit tough, but upon getting better gear (JP, Crafted, Heroic drop luck) it gets easier. Honestly, I have 1 piece from a raid (Halfus) that the guild I was recently in has managed to kill all of 2 times, in 2 months. They would call themselves casual. However, casual doesn't mean flopping on a boss just because there is a new set of drakes up. That's just poor adaptation. I've pugged into another guild's run (they also raid 2 days a week like my former) and we went in and did all but Nef in BWD. Myself and the pugged in mage had never downed anything in there. It went fine.

Poor adaptation, from what I've seen, is the leading cause of people finding things "hard". 3 months after launch (more if you count when 4.01 dropped) and there are still healers who can't adapt to the Cata healing style. No you can't spam Regrowth or Flash Heal anymore. Utilize those longer, bigger heals. Tanks who put too much emphasis on their health pool, but not enough on their avoidance stats. Blood DK tanks who can't spec (seriously, very few seem to get it right..its like they are still spec'd for WotLK). It takes five minutes to read up on the stuff, and X amount of heroics to apply what you read, and become comfortable with it. Same goes for the raids (normal mode). Yes, some of the mechanics take getting used to, and some people learn things at different speeds, however fights like Atramedes or Chimareon (yes its fun, stressful, but fun to heal imo) aren't really that hard. Maloriak is nothing more than collapsing in and out, and pew pew adds.

Wrath made people too soft, and was a poor introduction to raiding, imho. I personally came to the game 4 months into TBC. TBC raids were more difficult than Wrath raids, by and large. Having said that, the greatest contribution WotLK made was that it gave smaller guilds a way to see ALL the content via 10m raids. I agree too, the storyline (love my lore) for WotLK was beautiful. Cata has just begun, lets give it a chance to develop its story. In alot of ways, though an old villian of sorts, its a brand new story. Unlike Arthas and his betrayal, and the Lich King, which had been around since WC3. I'm glad they made the intro Cata raids harder, and yet honestly once you get the mechanics down, they become alot easier (for the most part).

Heroics shouldn't be 15-30 minute lolezmode fests. Heroics should be a "training ground" of sorts for raiding. While my main (holy/disc priest) took some time, and originally had difficulty healing heroics, its not that bad now. My second 85 (hunter) got really lucky and was raid ready, because of heroics, within a week or 2 of hitting 85 (unlike my priest I didn't have the JP maxed and readily spendable fresh at 85). I generally ran with only 1 guildie. Very few guild runs, and i was gearing myself with relative ease. My dk has taken a little more time to gear but I play it alot less as well, so it doesn't see heroics often.

TL;DR Heroics aren't that hard, and really don't take that long with a competent group. Raids right now have a steeper learning curve than Wrath, but frankly Wrath (10m at least) was too easy at the beginning.

If your guild is struggling to down Raid bosses, look at your strategy, and I hate to say this, but your roster as well. People may just not be "getting" Cata specs, rotations, or really just aren't up for a more difficult (by WotLK standards) raid. Bring in people who do "get" it, or pug out. Yes its fun to run with guildies, but if everyone isn't on the same page, especially in 10s, you aren't gonna get far.

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