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WRUP: Reviewsplosion! {Joystiq}

Sep 10th 2011 12:35AM Drinking beer and watching the Rugby World Cup on TV

maybe some Deus Ex or Civ5 when there are no games on

Mad Catz takes Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge to North America {Joystiq}

Aug 23rd 2011 11:08PM (another kiwi here) I am also looking forward to this game, sounds like it will be much better than the official RWC game

The American title is a bit weird though, seeing as Jonah Lomu hasn't played International rugby for many years, and when he did play for NZ, they didn't wear the shirts pictured on the cover. Looks poorly photo shopped as well.

Rugby World Cup 2011 demo now on Xbox Live, tomorrow on Euro PSN {Joystiq}

Aug 3rd 2011 1:45AM hell yes, cannot wait for the rugby world cup to start!

Voltron Comic-Con panel includes THQ's video games {Joystiq}

Jun 30th 2011 4:41PM I need the Voltron! he is the defender of the universe after all

Call of Duty XP 2011, a two-day event for CoD fans, with proceeds going to charity {Joystiq}

Jun 30th 2011 4:08AM @Afterfield
This is exactly what I thought when I first the heading.

But this does sound pretty cool to run around in a full sized CoD map

Original Xbox controller may return for Halo Anniversary demos {Joystiq}

Jun 16th 2011 12:30AM hell yeah, I loved these controllers, they fit my large hands very nicely

LulzSec attacks Escapist Magazine, EVE Online, and Minecraft {Joystiq}

Jun 14th 2011 3:24PM what was the point in bringing down these sites?

Now Playing: May 16-22 {Joystiq}

May 17th 2011 3:47AM more Mortal Kombat and the last couple chapters on Portal 2

See the pretty, sterile Anno 2070 debut teaser trailer {Joystiq}

Apr 14th 2011 3:17AM I'm still playing a bit of Anno 1404 (dawn of discovery) and loving it! So very easy to loose track of time in that game.

I'll probably pick this one up as well, but that trailer is lame, basically just a slideshow of still images. Would love to see a proper game play trailer

WRUP: 'Chubby' or 'eating disorder' Sonic? Fight! {Joystiq}

Apr 9th 2011 6:43PM Going to continue with my second run of Dragon Age 2, this time playing a female mage who sides with the Templars.

And maybe some CoD: Black Ops on PC