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Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior {WoW}

Apr 13th 2011 12:48PM I've been reading Allison's Shifting Perspective posts for a long time now... and this one hit home 100% for me.

My most memorable times were with friends that I made in-game during TBC and tackling the harder heroics on my druid tank...Slabs, MGT, Shat Halls. Comments like "I thought you NEEDED a paladin tank for this" in Shat halls made my day. I knew the good tanks, and good dps players had a reputation too. I had a friends list chock-full of amazing hunters, mages, healers, and warlocks. I never logged on w/o a flood of invites from these friends.

The reason I even stuck with tanking was the fact that I was recognized early when playing with it as a competent tank, and I used to love running with new people to further advertise my competence.

I feel like the dungeon finder made heroics 98% less personable and that this affects new guild recruitment. Before, a good tank, dps and healer could start a guild with ~3 people and get a solid base of GOOD players just by advertising services and showing off your skill and competence. Players would be like oh, that good tank started a guild....they have a very good shot when they start raiding.

Tuesday Morning Post: Rearrangement envy edition {WoW}

Mar 29th 2011 9:28AM I've actually deleted less important characters to move certain characters up my list. All those poor shaman/hunters. :(

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