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Arcane Brilliance: The new and improved arcane tree in patch 4.1 {WoW}

Mar 15th 2011 2:59PM It is a shame that this will happen. I prefer this set up:
Arcane - Raid
Fire - Raid
Frost - PvP

because I love pvp frost, frosts thing is rooting and freezing, I don't understand why that should be raid viable against a large boss that may sit in one spot or be moved by the tank...

But as I said, it sucks that this will happen. I'm happy because I stuck with Arcane (while pvping in frost) and I hate fire because I find it to be more boring and so dependent on RNG.

I don't think its mostly that people will be shallow and go with the best damage spec, its more that we are asked to. Our job is DPS, when people don't see us doing the best DPS on the meters, they look at our gear, then our spec, then our playing to see why we don't do as well. A lot of people feel that if you don't run the highest damage raid spec you aren't letting yourself down, you are letting the raid down and causing the failures (even if it has nothing to do with damage). I know if this patch wasn't coming people were going to ask me to switch to fire(and by ask, I mean ask me to not come to raids otherwise).

I would like to see fire get some buffs to be competitive with the new arcane, so its a personal choice instead of insistence from the community. Though arcane should still have top single target dps, since fire gets its AoE's.

I also feel that while arcane is easy to learn, its hard to master, if your just punching keys because EJ told you to then your not going to get the best out of the spec (you get decent dps though). Meanwhile Fire is hard to learn(punching what people tell you won't work nearly as well), but once you learn it your dps is easy to get up to the top of the spec(discounting all that RNG).

The main reason I want fire to be better is so that I don't have every jerkwad in the game go arcane and be just another cog in the machine, I love arcane because I've always played it (except for a few forrays into fire, and some frost pvping)...

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