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Class Balance Q&A: Mage {WoW}

Nov 29th 2011 1:53AM Ive bin playing arcane amge now for over a year and i have or i think i have mastered the arcane rotation when in pve and im haveing loads of fun.The rotation is more than just 2 key bashing its all about timeing the next spell u hit to get the best performance out of your arcane mage rotation.If and when you do master the arcane rotation you can be sure
that survival is greater than most mages.Frost mages are i think over powerd now especialy
in pvp (battlegrounds).Like i said in the beginning ive not done much pvp but i have noticed
alot of changes in pvp and want to be able to play pvp along side pve and do well in boath.
o well enough of me going on comments plz on what do you think of the mage and there diffrent abillites . i love and adore playing the mage class :-). I have a arcane mage and its awsome ..........................

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