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TUAW Tip: Copy text formatting {}

Jan 29th 2006 12:06PM Or you could just use:

Paste With Current Style

which is availble in the Edit Menu in most rich-text aware apps, TextEdit, etc.

3 Most used apps {}

Jan 3rd 2006 10:13AM At Work:
gVim (an programmer's editor)
Proteus (chat)
Preview (viewing PDF's)

At Home:

Funniest Guild Names {WoW}

Dec 29th 2005 2:09PM On Akama:
"Allys PP When They C Me" or something close to that, heh.

Gifts for Winter Veil {WoW}

Dec 28th 2005 9:08AM Personally, I like this site a lot. It's the only WoW site I visit daily. In fact I only go to other WoW sites when there is an interesting link posted here. I find the quality of the posts here to be much higher (#3 above being an obvious exception) than on other sites.


WoW Insider Guild & Characters {WoW}

Dec 28th 2005 9:02AM Hi. I'm looking forward to the WoW Insider Guilds on Akama and Chromaggus.
Here are my characters on those servers:
Server: Akama
Sklarfen = Tauren Shaman 17
Zanea = Undead Priest 15

Server: Chromaggus
none yet; thought I did


What vintage Mac gear do you wish for? {}

Dec 8th 2005 9:52AM My dream machine would be a Lisa. I remember driving a long ways while living in St. Louis in 1983 just to see one. I think it sold for something like $10k (USD) which was more than 1/2 my yearly salary at the time. (My first programming job paid a massive $6.9k; that was 1980.) But I still have craving for that original Lisa. There is something special about its document-centered GUI that I find fascinating. --Jeff

Well met: Roll call {WoW}

Dec 8th 2005 12:06AM Interesting, I thought I would be the only one with nearly 20 characters; mine are spread across 5 servers. Most are horde, but I like playing paladins from time-to-time. None of them are over level 21. It's not so much that I get bored with a given char. but just like to change things up and I do really like starting new chars. Also, after not playing a char. for a few weeks (I like the resting bonus,) I find it hard to get back into them. I started chars on two of the new rp-pvp servers most recently. And will probably start another new char. when the Insider guild starts up. I would like to get a char. to 40 someday; having a mount would be cool. I have joined guilds a couple of times but everytime the guild turned out to be pretty inactive or just had higher level players doing there own thing. I like the idea of guilds, just haven't found one that suits me yet.

VoodooPad 2.5 released {}

Dec 7th 2005 9:23AM I like VoodooPad and use it daily. The primary value for me is in the wiki approach and the htnl export. For making notes and documenting software projects, I naturally think in wki mode. If I'm typing something in VoodooPad about ProgramA and then think of an idea for ModuleC, I type ModuleC and jump to the existing page linked to by its wiki-style name. There is also a nice drawer with all links and categories for those times when I am thinking more globally. The advantages for me over a traditional web-based wiki are privacy, speed and ease-of-use. Plus for those pages I want to share, the html-export feature is there. Of course, not everyone thinks in a wiki-style, and there are many other chocies in the OSX world. --Jeff

DockStar {}

Dec 6th 2005 9:46AM I like this a lot! Just yesterday I installed and setup ActOn: (Story from (Web Site) It is free (donation-ware) and works as expected, but DockStar does exactly what I've always wanted: different notifications in the Dock for different mail boxes. You don't need to have multiple accounts as stated in the story. Look at the Tips and Tricks link on the DockStar main page. DockStar is not free; its $8, but worth it for me anyway. --Jeff

Blizzard offers World of Warcraft 1.9 patch feature preview {}

Nov 16th 2005 9:23AM I've played WoW since its public beta; I'm not hardcore, playing less than 20 hours/week. Until I bought a PowerBook (17", 1.67gHz, 1.5gB) in August, I had been playing on a 1.5gHz PC with an ATI 9800 Pro. Then I installed WoW on the PowerBook, just to see how it performed. The difference is significant. On the PowerBook, WoW, starts and shuts down in seconds instead of minutes. The occasional zoning in the game is instantaneous on the PowerBook; it was anything but that on the PC. I've turned up all the graphics settings on the Mac as well. I had been skeptical of gaming on the Mac before this experience, but now I'm convinced it is a great platform for games. --Jeff P.S. The resources Blizzard has put in into making their games, Diablo, Warcraft and now WorldOfWarcraft run on Macs as well as PCs must be enormous; and all for a computer with a small market share. I for one am grateful. Maybe other software developers and publishers should get a clue.