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Review: Top Gear USA - the first episode [w/poll] {Autoblog Archive}

Nov 22nd 2010 7:59PM the 'talent' was just uninteresting you get the feeling that the UK hosts are at a minimum smart enough to pound sand and that they can at need write some of their own material.

I had the feeling that the US hosts were selected from the rejects list of the auditions for "Jackass" and they failed there as they were not smart enough.

Badly written and badly performed is my take and the clips shown indicate that the are lifting their bits straight from the UK show (car chased by chopper check; car filled with water check. show a bit of originality folks...

I will watch a few more to be fair and give them a chance to click together and show some sort of chemistry but I can not say I am hopeful when the best bit on the first show was an Add featuring a bunch of guys from a bachelor party returning an Orca to the sea in their station wagon from a pier.

1957 Chevrolet NASCAR Black Widow to be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson live tonight {Autoblog Archive}

Sep 23rd 2010 4:41PM What was the last year that NASCAR raced real cars that you could buy and fix up like this

In other words what did they "Jump the Shark"

Video: Team tears down then rebuilds a Jeep in under four minutes {Autoblog Archive}

Sep 10th 2010 2:41PM The older flathead 4 as found on the MB, CJ-2A, CJ 2B and CJ 3 will run an amazingly log time with no coolant. As toHow I know That; it is a long and sad tale with the need to rebuild the engine at the end of it

Choose My Adventure: Polls for pets and next week's stream {WoW}

Sep 8th 2010 10:11PM how about the baby core hound you get with an Authenticator

Get A Grip: Chevy UK sponsors research to find perfect handshake {Autoblog Archive}

Jul 18th 2010 12:06PM I new a con artist when I worked as an advisor to a halfway house for Cons getting out of prison. He had the best handshake of anyone I ever met and he told me he worked on it a long time to project just the right blend of honest forthright sincerity.

as many have said in the past "Always be sincere... wether you mean it or not"

Choose My Adventure: I need help {WoW}

Jul 5th 2010 8:20PM Don't blame me I voter for world explorer why did you put IITM in the poll if was not some thing you would enjoy doing?


Patch 3.3.3 known issues for March 23rd, 2010 {WoW}

Mar 24th 2010 10:36AM The Mac tec support forum is humming with a bunch of issues

I have the can't train bug with both a Mac Pro with ATI 4870 Graphis card and and Mac Book Pro with the dual NVIDIA video chips
when training a new tailoring pattern on the mac pro i got the spinning beach ball of death and had to force quit
just now on the MacBookPro the same thing when training a level 8 priest spell on the same toon

when logging back on the toon has learned the requested pattern or spell but to learn say 3 spells requires 3 force quits and restarts and log back in each time

no problem running my 80 toon of course as he right now can neither learn new skills or unless I drop one of his 450 professions have any dealings with npc profession trainers perhaps no mac users on the test realm were leveling a new toon?

Breakfast Topic: Make it all BoA {WoW}

Dec 17th 2009 8:50AM I just want to be able to use my Big Blizzard Bear mount on toons on realms other than where I first used the gift bind to account (HA) card and yes use it on other faction toons as well.

after almost 1 1/2 years I still get comments about it and it is nice that it is auto speed adjustable

I just want it to be what it says on the lable "bind to Account"

Breakfast Topic: What falls away {WoW}

Nov 19th 2009 8:22PM There have quite a few "fixes" to the wall climbing that we once could do and the Draw you mention was one of the last ways in to be closed. I think you may still be able to die in a duel and then res inside of old Ironforge but I would not be surprised if that too was now blocked one thing the next expansion will do when we can fly in the old content is provide access to many areas that now are just seen under flight routes and perhaps then Blizz will make use of some of these spots at last