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The Soapbox: Why MMO combat sucks, and how BioWare could've made it suck less {Massively}

Sep 13th 2011 5:47PM You know what, I think I might agree. I mean, think about it, what if big-group boss fights were 15 people holding off a freaking horde to free up 5 people to go gank the Big Bad and his closest friends?

In my head, it's like the assassination attempt in the movie Hero (Jet Li, great film) - two people trying to cover one guy's back as he bumrushes the emperor/king/whateveryoucallthatguy.

Results? (all just my opinion)

1. Every class needs to be able to at least hold their own against a bunch of enemies (tank)
2. Every class needs to be able to kill a bunch of enemies (DPS)
3. Every class needs to be able to keep themselves and their allies in the fight when things get tough (heal)
4. Why even bother with strict classes then? Just allow players to adapt their toons to their playstyle. I mean, it's not like you necessarily are awful with a sword and prefer dresses just because you can throw fireballs now and again.

Just my thoughts. It might lead to something of the dynasty warriors outcome, but I think that can be countered by more creative design than I'm capable of in a comment.

Spiritual Guidance: Discipline priest stat weights revisited {WoW}

Sep 12th 2011 8:53PM I haven't done the math personally, but I know some serious people who find being a disc priest to be serious business actually have, and they found that balance makes for the best throughput.

Spiritual Guidance: Discipline priest stat weights revisited {WoW}

Sep 12th 2011 8:47PM As I understand it, you want to balance the rating, not the final product.

So 1 Haste Rating = 1 Critical Strike Rating = 1 Mastery Rating

Breakfast Topic: A message to someone who's left a lasting impression {WoW}

Sep 4th 2011 8:30AM Back before I had a max level toon, I spent a lot of time running around on a low level holy pally (who eventually became my first 70) with a really fun fire mage who was always good for a joke and a laugh. I played with him for just a little under 2 years and got to know him pretty well. He was a good guy.

Unfortunately, I lost my temper on a raid night which happened to coincide with a burnout period. I deleted my pally, and he server transferred. I haven't really heard from him since, though a few people from my old guild are occasionally in touch with him.

What I'd say -

Sorry, man. I overreacted and definitely crossed a line. I was a couple of months away from getting married, and I let that tension spill over and lash out at you. It was unfair and definitely not something a friend should do to another friend. I had a lot of fun running with you, and I hope things have been good for you since last we talked.


Prash (Arygos)

The Daily Grind: What was your favorite experience as a healer? {Massively}

Aug 3rd 2011 10:37AM I liked healing 5-mans on my Holy Pally in The Burning Crusade era of WoW. Yes the healing itself was mostly 1-button, but I liked doing little things to help, like stunning targets, taunting things off of dps (I didn't have the best luck with tanks), and even occasionally replacing the tank if he dropped group or died.

It's one of the things I think Cata and Wrath really screwed up - hybrid classes play like pure classes all the time, rather than actually being able to swing around without changing specs really (and yes I know feral druids are something of an exception)

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