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Know Your Lore: The struggle for Southern Barrens {WoW}

May 2nd 2011 4:54AM Um... the Tauren fought alongside the Night elves and dwarves during the dragonflight intervention version of War of the Ancients (Mark Rossi did an amazing job explaining it, I'll put a link to the 1st part at the end of this post).

I think people assume that there is more conflict between the Tauren and the Night Elves than there really is. I mean, Hamuul Runetotem (the Tauren archdruid) was taught by (gasp) Malfurion Stormrage. They are 2 most represented races in the Cenarion Circle.

Oh, and technically... if it wasn't for Hamuul Runetotem... Varian Wrynn would never have had a chance to combine his 2 separated parts into 1. Considering that when Onyxia split Varian Wyrnn into 2 sections in order to try and usurp the Stormwind throne, one of those halves disappeared, and washed up on the beaches of Durotar. That half of Varian becomes a gladiator slave, and when he and Broll (Night elf Druid in the same situation) met with Hamuul Runetotem in Thunder Bluff, Hamuul gave them a hippogyph feather in order to aid them in fleeing slavery.

So, to recap:

Without Tauren intervention:

* Varian Wyrnn's warrior side never regains his memory and dies as Lo'Gosh.

* Anduin is probably dead (due to the fact that warrior Varian never returns to SW and Onyxia was beginning to realize that Anduin was noticing the changes in Varian due to the separation)

* Onyxia rules Stormwind in human form.

Link to Matthew Rossi's awesome writeup on the War of the Ancients

Know Your Lore: The struggle for Southern Barrens {WoW}

May 2nd 2011 4:21AM Do people really think that Garrosh still has control over what the forsaken do?

I mean, Gilneas -> Southshore from the undead side essentially shows Sylvanas' contempt for Garrosh's control of the Horde grow. She tells Garrosh whatever it takes to get him to go away, and does whatever she wants. Aside from that, they are the only real representation of Horde on Eastern Kingdoms (ok we have blood elves too, but they're to busy smoking hookahs at the northernmost portion of EK to do anything).

Not trying to defend the actions of the forsaken, but if we ignore race and faction we see a situation in which a single race is essentially cut off from all readily available support, backed into a corner and willing to use their versions of WMDs to ensure they continue to survive.

And to go a step further... is it possible to tell an entire race to stop doing something without it starting to seem like persecution. I mean, the forsaken race (as a whole, not including player characters) is pretty much jumping to Sylvanas' commands. It's one thing to discipline a single military division... it's another thing to try and discipline an entire race. I don't see what can be done aside from either kicking the Forsaken out of the horde (have fun in silverpine and don't let the door hit you on the way out), or attempting to replace silvanas' (hahaha... yeah that's not going to happen without a large fight).

@ Knightsword:

Don't act like the alliance navy doesn't do the same thing (well minus the wearing skins as trophies). If you haven't seen it, watch the cutscene that transitions the goblins from Kezan to the lost isles. The Alliance commanders doesn't even care who the ship is representing... he fires immediately.


How do the horde not have a right to complain when the Alliance military decides to start marching divisions of military units through an area that has always been Horde property. No matter what, it's still enemy troop movement through "friendly" territory. I'm not saying that the Night elves don't have a reason to be furious at the Horde incursion into Ashenvale, and only the Tauren are being victimized. I'm saying that it's a standardized feeling towards invasive enemy military actions, no matter who the aggressor is, and who the target is.

Finally (way off topic), as primarily Tauren player, I'm getting sick of the other Horde races (I'm looking mainly at you Orcs and Forsaken) stirring up trouble, and the Taurens getting shafted. People are starting to mistake our kindness for weakness.

The Daily Grind: What's the most poorly designed zone? {Massively}

May 1st 2011 2:49PM @Greyhame

Definitely agree with Hellfire Penn post Cataclysm.

Pre Cata... I'm suprised no one mentioned Barrens. The amount of quests you had to do out of crossroads was absurd. Quests sent you to the edges of the zone (I even remember pre WotLK before they dropped the lvl requirements on your first ground mounts to 20), and many of them contained annoying quests requirements.
* Collect 40 "bracers" (or hooves, medals, etc)
* kill a bunch of centaurs until we decide to spawn the named mob you need to kill.

The Lawbringer: The system is down {WoW}

Apr 30th 2011 1:25PM The thing that really pissed me off about the sony network infrastructure is that the security checks are handled client side.

One of my professors demonstrated how client side security checks allow 3rd party programs to simply bypass the security check (he wrote the 3rd party software (simple console program) in front of us in about 20 mins on the overhead projector). This was in response to the initial jailbreaking of the PS3 by geohotz.

*This demonstration was on retrieving single user data w/o the username and password.

Essentially, all that is necessary is that the 3rd party bypass is placed to prevent the security routine from being run... all it does it report back a positive result on the check, and then you can essentially request whatever you want from the server.

The fact that blizzard runs server side security, rather than simply relying on client side security makes it almost 100% better imo. As Jabouty said... never trust the client.

Even XBL runs server side checks for security. I understand that sony's initial design plan was to assume no one would ever jailbreak the PS3 to display their design flaw, however... someone did

The Lawbringer: The system is down {WoW}

Apr 29th 2011 5:45PM I agree that any network that's not "closed" is hackable.

However, the network design for the PSN was/is atrocious. Client side security checks that could be bypassed, unencrypted personal data, etc.

Imo, Sony picked a fight with hackers it's network could not withstand.

once again... there's a reason why most software / network hardware companies hire hackers rather than go after them in court.

The Lawbringer: The system is down {WoW}

Apr 29th 2011 4:45PM I know that a lot of people are concerned regarding their credit card information. I believe additional transparency on Sony's part, or at least getting all their information out at once (and correctly) would have helped in this situation.

Sony initially stated that the reason that there was no problem regarding the leak of credit card information was due to the fact that hackers would not be able to get all of the credit card information (specifically the security code on the back of the card as they stated they never asked for it). This statement was changed to "we asked for it, but never stored it" following users posting screen shots of the PSN signup page that indeed asked for your card security code.

I think the main problem is the fact that the information regarding the PSN network going down has been sporadic and the information we've been receiving from Sony has been changing almost daily.

I understand that even if all hell broke lose, from a PR perspective, many companies would rather attempt to downplay the severity of the situation, however, in a situation in which sensitive information may, or may not have been leaked, I feel that it is necessary to be clear and concise with your user base in order to reduce the amount of fear. I mean, a decent portion of people who play games on consoles are either too young to own a credit card (so it's their parents who are now freaking out), or may not know much about computer networking, and are currently assuming the worst.

Overall, i think that it's a 2 way street:

We are willing to give you our information (including potentially sensitive information), and in return we expect that any information you store from us will be secure (specifically sensitive information).

ps. Hey Sony... in the future do what every other company does when they are dealing with hackers... hire them for R and D.

Breakfast Topic: Behavior unbecoming a player {WoW}

Apr 29th 2011 2:45PM I feel your pain man.

During early Wraith (pre-Ulduar), my guild was raiding 10 man Eye of Eternity (which was arguably the hardest and coolest fight at the time). We were having a problem with guild members filling all the dps slots, so we pugged 2 dps, a feral druid and a caster.

Took us 4 tries, but we managed to down Malygos, and guess what dropped: Black Ice... arguably the best hunter 2h available from 10man content.

Guess who won it... the feral druid.

Oh, and for people who don't remember, Feral druids were not able to use polearms until 3.0.8, which didn't release for about another 5 months.

Breakfast Topic: Behavior unbecoming a player {WoW}

Apr 29th 2011 2:32PM lol, on my resto druid, i am constantly reminded in BGs to swap back to my arena staff cause i have my fishing pole out.

... and that's if i'm lucky and someone points it out... otherwise, i'm wondering why i'm burning so much mana, and why my heals are hitting like spitballs.

Blood Sport: How to start a new character for PvP, part 1 {WoW}

Apr 27th 2011 5:52PM The increase in honor rewarded with patch 4.1 will definitely help the honor grind, and with the justice vendors allowing conversions from pts to honor, assembling a PvP set on a raiding toon should be a faster process.

I agree though, the reduction in conquest pts rewarded per win in arenas is going to make those 1st 3 weeks of arenas (working towards a conquest 2h or mh + oh) a pain.

Know Your Lore: The sorrow of Southern Barrens {WoW}

Apr 25th 2011 12:24PM @amaxe

I'm not sure you pulled out exactly what i was getting at. I agree that the General Hawthorne's plan was simply to rout the Tauren forces at Taurajo, my issue comes into his military decision.

From what is pieced together, General Hawthorne surrounded Camp Taurajo, leaving a small window in the lines for the Tauren civilians to flee north.

Considering that we can assume that a lot of those who make up the military within World of Warcraft (both Horde and Alliance side) carry deep seated hatreds towards the opposing faction, sending in ground troops into a soft target is not the way to go.

By allowing his ground troops to enter Taurajo after the firebombing, he effectively told his troops to "mop up the survivors" considering that he stated himself that they were not taking hostages. If the real decision was to raze the town and displace the populace, the only things necessary would have been a display of force (aka, the massive military force they brought to bear on Taurjo which contained both infantry from Theramore and Wildhammer Windriders) considering that the "military force" of Taurajo was out hunting.

There is a reason why the most modern military now uses a technique called "Shock and Awe" (or Rapid Dominance). For a target such as Taurajo (small town, large civilian population, small militia) the application of "Overwhelming Force" would have been appropriate, as it is designed to cause the enemy to flee, rather than stay and fight.

And before I get posts regarding that World of Warcraft is not "modern combat," I'd like to point out that "Shock and Awe" has been around for centuries, and has been used by Sun Tzu and the Roman Legions. It just wasn't until the mid 90s that it was dubbed "Shock and Awe." Considering that there are a lot of great military tacticians on both the alliance and horde side, i find it illogical to assume that no one ever realized the advantage acquired through the application of overwhelming military presence. I mean hell, both the alliance and the horde have been on the receiving end of a form of "Shock and Awe" from the Scourge.

Oh, and I know that a lot of the alliance soldiers who were killing civilians in Taurajo were "not following orders" or "went rogue," but you could say the same thing about Sylvanas the Forsaken and Southshore.

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