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Breakfast Topic: Do you collect anything in WoW? {WoW}

Apr 12th 2011 10:45AM Come on people... I google "things to collect in world of warcraft" and i come up with five thousand links going to " MOUNTS MOUNTS MOUNTS ARMOR PETS PETS ARMOR" There are already thousands of forums about that. Dont get me wrong I have upwards of 90+ pets and 115+ mounts, but nobody wants to hear about how "ooh i love pets" tell us about something new. I, for example, collect buffs/quest items that are off the GCD. I macro them into moves, so you will randomly see an archmage argoth, or a depleted totem, or a clone of me sitting there looking at you, or i will randomly turn into a blood elf. Anything off of the global cooldown i collect that has a cool effect. Also, buffs. The haunted momento, precious's ribbon, the ghost revealer, two (that i am an idiot for turning in) others are the wart remover from the argent dailies, and the "strange feeling" debuff from a quest in howling fjord. Also, items that stack up charges, and consume them to do something, when you un-equip them, you retain the charges in your buffs. Such as the archaeology night elf trinket, the sunwell healing trinket from magister's terrace, and about 7 others, equip the trinket, get a charge or 2, unequip it, and you keep the buffs for as long as you live. if anyone else knows of any buffs that you can obtain, PLEASE let me know. (still working on the slime pet)
another more generic set of things i collect is armor with flavor text on it, i am trying to get a full flavor text set for me (soronemus) (the one and only, armory me).
I collect porting items, to make myself as much of a priest mage hybrid as possible lol. I have everything except the black temple necklace, and the shadowmourne dalaran trink (which i will have soon).
Another thing i try to collect are (cool) items/mounts that can not be obtained anymore. sadly the only mount i have like this is the zhevra, I die a little inside every time i see someone with a black/plagued protodrake in SW, along with past arena season mounts.
Overall, I collect whatever I can to be different from other characters in wow, to make other players jealous, I have put together ICC 25 and ulduar 25 groups for the last 3 months trying to get my buddy shadowmourne, and me the ulduar mace so that i can be that guy who sits in stormwind, on his crimson deathcharger, in frost dwarf form, with 3 rows of buffs, and the legendary mace.
If anyone has any other items/buffs i have not mentioned or you think i would like (if someone responds with how they have a cool armor set or with how many mounts/pets i have i will slap you) please let me know!!
love you all.

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