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Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior, part 2 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 12:48PM Like many tanks who have commented here, I agree that the current system is not fun and in many ways rewards bad behavior. My most recent random run, on the last pull the kid ninja'd two nice drops that others could actually use. He's from another server. So he gets 20g, and two of us get p.o.'d., which probably made him happy. The reputational effect if we were all on the same server would prevent that from happening.

It's amazing how often people try to blame me for their own lousy play:
1. A DPS'er breaks cc, over and over again, once in a while I don't catch it fast enough. They die, or maybe we even wipe, "Aren't you flexible enough to catch that?"

2. A DPS'er really hasn't figured out his own aoe and threat mechanics, popping aoe or high threat attacks before I've gathered things in. They die. It's my fault. "What's Omen?"

3. A DPS'er gets killed by a randomly targeted attack because, "Other healers keep up if I'm in the fire for a few seconds. If the tank just kept the boss aggro, I'd have never died."

4. Someone is repeatedly AFK, "I just waited in a 45-minute que, so you shouldn't worry about my afk's."

5. Someone gogogo's and wipes us because I wasn't set or in position to gather all 5 mobs, "You stink!"

All of these issues would be instantly cured if the group finder were my server only. Earlier in this thread someone mentioned how long it took to form BC groups. My general wait time during BC was 5 seconds. Because I was a good tank I just had to ask my guild. Generally when I signed on I'd get 3 to 5 friends saying, "Hey, if you're running the daily, grab me, please." If I ever needed to ask on trade chat to fill a spot, it was instantly overfilled.

I also ran more 5-mans, a lot more, in BC than I will now. The cross-server grouping has really boiled off the fun factor.

So I do run my daily random, with guildies most days. I play later at night than most of my guild, so I'll PUG it (usually half-PUG). The idea of running more PUG's for the "reward" being offered? Not a chance.

The Daily Quest: A modest proposal {WoW}

Apr 12th 2011 7:46PM There is nothing Blizzard can do to make tanking more fun, because the random group's pulled from many servers take out reputional effects that will keep people well behaved. In many places it's been noted those things that make tanking unenjoyable in randoms:

1. Any DPS'er whose damage is sub-par puts pressure on the tank and healer to fight longer while not stepping on the goo, gathering the adds, and not letting anyone else die. After a boss fight in which there are casualties, you'll hear plenty of "you shoulda or why didn't you." When I look at Recount and see I'm not 4th for damage above the healer, that's DPS-Fail. It's not mentioned in conversation.

2. If someone doesn't know the fight, the tank it expected to make up for the shortcoming. Honestly, when it's mentioned pre-pull, "burn down the adds," and 1 or 2 DPS'ers simply concentrate fire on the boss, then complain the tank isn't grabbing the adds, I laugh while crying inside, "READ THE WORDS I JUST TYPED NOOB." People who read these forums I expect are the smarter, better players. So this doesn't happen in their runs. I see it happen in about 1 in 4 random runs. Blizzard can't make the dumb DPS'er read the words. That said, I don't mind a wipe if someone makes a mistake. In learning the instances I've made everyone. What's hard to deal with is someone makes a mistake and then rudely blames the tank for not covering for it.

3. Even smart players can be jerks. I do not like it when people pull for me. I set a good pace, so in the course of an instance they may save 30 or 60 seconds. On the other hand they create a decent chance at a wipe, even if I'm on my toes. "Why didn't you grab that?" Well I was swapping gear or thinking, not mana'd up yet, so not yet time to pull, I'll take a drink of my diet Squirt. Smart players can also be a pain when they give advice about how do it right. "Why not skip that MOB!?!?" Well last week someone aggro'd it during the boss, so now I kill it every time. So shut up sparky and take your 22 Undercity rep.

So why don't I tank more randoms? Because about 1 time in 4 it really stinks. People are ungeared, ungemmed, unenchanted, and those same people are simply not capable of not standing in the fire, not breaking cc, and burning down the adds/ignoring the adds, depending on the fight.

Conversely about 1 time in 4 you get a random group of smart, good players, who are nice to chat with, make a joke, and put out a lot of damage. When things die quickly, tanking is sooo much easier.

Blizzard can't fix the problems I mention, but they could mitigate them. People would be better behaved if the party finding tool didn't pull across multiple servers. Then I could remember Johnny Huntard is a jerk who can't cc and can't not break cc. "My cat on auto-attack makes pulling so much faster."

Will the new rewards get me to tank more randoms for strangers? Hell no.

I have a few mounts I like. I don't want another.
I have some pets. Once in a while I get them out to see if any are lucky for fishing.

What would get me to tank more than two or three times a week with strangers?
1. A free kick--I would love to be able to kick people who are jerks, ungemmed, unechanted, or simply not able to follow the simplest of instructions, "Don't break the cc."

2. Set the item level so I'm not teamed with people just above the threshould. Quite often these are players' second or third toon, so they are trying to skip the gear that would naturally fall their way if they did the quest chains. My gear is at 354. So no one should be assigned to me whose gear isn't at least 349. I'd tank more strangers for sure with this in place.

3. 30 Conquest points and 30 Valor points. Yeah, I'd tank for more strangers to get better gear faster.

4. 20 Herbs/minerals/other inputs. Frankly I don't like the flasks. I'm an herbalist/alchemist, so my primary source of funds is being diluted BUT can have some mount or pet I don't care about, not a good trade. Give me the inputs as if you want me to tank more, you're expecting me to farm less.

5. The stopwatch that let's me run faster in WSG. I'm a tank. I like to carry the flag. You took my favorite oddball trinket out of the game. Give it back.

6. A carrot on a stick. I'd have more time to tank if my mount flew 3% faster.

7. Some rare tank mounts. Don't you have enough art school interns to take some of the basic models and beef them up so they look armored? Or how about an armor upgrade to my basic ride. I find the upgrade and he looks armored. I really don't want a rare mount that other players farmed for. It feels like I'm cheating them.

8. How about a shovel that produces one extra fragment one-third of the time?

9. For five years tanks have been asking for a locker, because many of us have three sets of gear, Tank, DPS, and PvP. So one set is always in the bank. Why can't I have a locker that let's me carry one item for each slot but only consumes one bag space or sits on the bar like the keyring?

10. How about a shirt that let's me have one 100% heal once a day? I'd call it the wipe preventer. Or a bunch of shirts that I can use once a day--one free rez, one free total heal, one 10-second bubble, one challenging shout with a big radius, one free dispel, a daily teleport to Shat or Dan etc.

11. How about a better dance animation for tauren tanks? That would be a good bonus.

12. How about an achievement, "The hunter pulled 12 MOBS instead of the expected 4, and I survived."

13. How about some new weapons and shields that are just a little better? Why can't I get a level 361 shield that has 10 points of haste or 10 points of crit as a bonus?

14. Why are all the weapon and shield models for crafted vs quest vs rep vs heroic drop exactly the same? Can't you recycle some of the old cool-looking models?

15. How about some rare gems that are just a little better. Yes, just 5 points of Stamina would be cool. I'm just thinking of how much fishing I did for "Eye of the Sea."

16. How about some gear with the "normal" stats but with some bonus resistance? So 361 but with 20 points of fire resist?

17. How about some warm boots, so I have a small chance not to be abused by frost mages?

18. How about a raw steak that will distract pets?

But tanking more often with strangers for some gold, a flask, and chance at a rare mount or pet? PASS!

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