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Breakfast Topic: How do you dodge certain guildmates for heroics? {WoW}

Sep 14th 2011 8:37AM I have had guildies in the past who just can't do heroics in the past but all it takes is explaining to them the fights and just telling them to go to people in our raid groups for more info on their class/spec so they can do better.

The only guildies I avoid are the ones that don't admit they're wrong and go on to blame it on lag or their parents etc. and are usually rude about it, (they might start cussing or throwing a hissy fit about it although it has happened so many times before it can't just be a coincidence, especially when their internet is working great for trash pulls) and they usually ignore you or think you're being mean when you try to explain the fights to them. For those ones I just keep in mind when they're on and PM people who I know are interested without asking directly in guild or I'll just do it with my realID friends.

WoW goes free-to-play through level 20 {WoW}

Jun 29th 2011 5:59AM And you can't whisper, use the mailbox, use channels or yell... have fun advertising too!

Oh yeah, and trade skills are capped at 100. :)

Breakfast Topic: How do you let off steam? {WoW}

Jun 4th 2011 8:15AM I usually either...
-Log off completely
-Hug a pillow (and talk to the little voices in my head :P)
-Level an alt on either another server or just an unknown alt
-Rant about it on a site I visit quite a lot (they have a thread on their forums for it)

If they don't work then I'll log off my laptop completely and go out for some air. If it's night then I'll go on youtube and watch some Psychadelic Snake walkthrough :P ( for those interested, he's really funny)

Breakfast Topic: Has your perspective of Azeroth changed over time? {WoW}

May 22nd 2011 8:30AM I think my perspective did.

At first; when I joined the game I was deciding whether or not to go on a RP server because I previously enjoyed RP-ing but I decided against it as I didn't know the backstory and lore. So off I went on my night elf druid, spending quite a few minutes reading quest text just to learn more about the lore. It was quite fun at first but then I got yelled at by people who I was leveling with (random people; none of my friends play WoW) so I stopped taking so long when reading, I kind of regret it now though as I find WoW lore very very interesting. Nowadays I have a forced habit of just skimming over quest text.

I also changed my perspective on a lot of other things; take raiding and dungeoneering for example, I used to think they weren't that important, doing some of the dungeons for fun occasionally and taking around 2 months getting my death knight to 80. I kind of wish I still took a slower pace doing things, I find it made things slightly more enjoyable.

I remember being in awe of flying mounts; I really wanted one, especially a netherdrake but I never got to 70 before Wrath came out and I had a break between BC and Wrath as well. I eventually got it but now it doesn't feel as great, if you know what I mean, you kind of grow out of the 'oh wow! That looks shiny!' thing after you hit the level cap.

But yeah when I first played I remember going all 'wow! Everything's so big!' and I used to spend most of my time just exploring at level 27 (getting quite a lot of deaths along the way as well), I had the blasted lands flight path by level 20 I believe, a level 70 helped get me there.

But yes; I believe my perspective has changed but I don't know if it's good or not but I definitely would like to go and level in Azeroth again as if I didn't know a single thing about it.

Breakfast Topic: How would you change Cataclysm? {WoW}

Apr 16th 2011 9:54AM Well, I'd change it so there were more vanity glyphs. I want my shaman spirit wolves can be pretty and purple like Thrall's in Battle for Mount Hyjal. o3o
...And made it so your average iLevel was on your gear equipped and not your best gear in your inventory.
And better models for the vanilla player models (and for mobs that haven't been updated with new art.) Also updating a few of the vanilla WoW buildings and trees etc would be nice. I was flying through Felwood today and the trees looked.... weird to say the least. O_o
And although I agree with the tank change for DK's I would love to still be able to have a viable blood DPS spec, it was my second favourite spec next to frost.
And maybe add a 'LFG - Server Only' so you can opt to have a group that comes only from your server, I find that if you have a full server group you generally get less idiots and the like because if do act mean they'll probably be on trade the second you're out of the group, and you might actually know them making the group a bit more fun.

Just my thoughts. :3

The Queue: American Old Gods {WoW}

Apr 15th 2011 8:13PM I'm a 'bit' late but I have a question for the queue

I was flying around doing archaeology and I was on the flat land above Stonetalon Path (In Mulgore) and I saw these giant bunnies with axes and giant priarie dogs that are being killed by the bunnies. What is this a reference to, if it is? (It was quite funny watching it though)

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