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Paying your dues with guild taxes {WoW}

Oct 17th 2007 11:28AM High-end raiding entails a number of costs that guild banks can help to solve. For example:
# Respeccing - Prot warriors are absolutely necessary for raiding, but they're not very useful in the Arena, while farming, or for a range of other activities in Azeroth. So instead of looking for a warrior who's a fanatical prothead, guilds will often bear the cost of respeccing them once a week (for a couple of contiguous raiding days).
# Resist Gear - Hydross requires tanks with resist gear. Parts of Black Temple require an entire raid to be decked out in crafted resist gear. That's expensive, and I think it's reasonable for everyone to contribute to those costs, since everyone will ultimately benefit from the lewts.
# Gearing Alts - Your guild needs a resto druid, and one of your solid warlocks happens to have a level 70 druid alt. Instead of going to the meat market that is /General, the the warlock agrees to switch to his alt when needed. The guild might be reasonably asked to help out in gearing/enchanting that toon for the good of the guild.

In general, I think the rule should be that Guild Bank funds should be considered for costs that help the entire guild, even if the money is being spent on only a few people.

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 6th 2007 12:36PM "... AND HER LITTLE DOG, TOO!"