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3 things that will become more expensive in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 3:35PM I am wondering how AoE looting works with Skinning?

Currently, if you kill a mob and loot it, it's ripe for the picking, ie. any JoeShmoe Skinner can run up and skin your kill. I can see this causing problems if such loot rights exist in MoP. I would think that Blizz would have thought of the possible griefing problems this might cause. I also have read that the AoE will be one you can select (or not). But can anyone run up and skin your kills if you AoE loot them? Just wondering.

The Queue: I need to read more {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 4:00PM I like Joe Abercrombie and R. Scott Bakker.

Does the Annual Pass guarantee instant beta access? {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2012 9:34PM Going with Blizz's ability to change at will and without prior notice the terms of our "contract": does that mean that since I committed to the Annual Pass for a year and currently am charged $15.00 a month for my subscription, they could change the terms of their "agreement" and charge me a $100.00 a month?

The Queue: Rule of Two {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 11:43AM It was my understanding that the naming of pets was going to apply to combat pets such as Warlock minions and Hunters' pets, and not companions.

But I could be wrong.

Spiritual Guidance: Priests, shields and AoE healing in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 10:58AM I am scared for Disc. My Priest is Shadow/Disc (I leveled as Disc during Wrath). I enjoy the survivability of Disc in PvE and PvP.

I am not happy with the reduction in Disc's AoE healing. I don't see how it is possible to AoE heal melee near the boss (especially in raids) using Holy Nova without endangering my Priest and potentially causing a wipe through her death should the boss use a cleave or similar attack, or silence her.

I had been worried about my Priest before this article but tried to calm my fears by assuring myself that it couldn't be as bad as I thought (I've played a Priest for years, but don't consider myself an expert). I kept telling myself that the Priest talents are far from final (in fact, they seem to be the least developed at this stage of all the current classes), and that I should be optimistic.

My main is a Warrior and during the begining and middle of Cata, I was upset about the direction he took; I even quit playing for a while because of the constant changes to the Warrior class during Cata. I came back and started playing again, falling back on my Priest, my thinking being that she could survive places my Warrior couldn't. Now I am worried what the future will bring for her. No doubt the classe changes will be implemented in a patch before MoP so that we can become used to them. Hopefully, before MoP drops, they will make any adjustments necessary to the classes when regular, non-twitch-reflexed raiders are playing them in the field. That was the biggest problem with the classes in Cata, that testing in the Cata beta was done by professional raiders, and not the kind of players that are the majority.

The Queue: Flowers for Azeroth {WoW}

Feb 7th 2012 9:39PM It's been my understanding for years that The Forsaken are Humans and NEs, and only they can be raised.

I think though that The Forsaken have been working on a way to raise other races since Cata dropped (after the death of LK), but I haven't played all that much in Silverpine.

Officers' Quarters: A gkicked player takes revenge {WoW}

Feb 6th 2012 6:17PM GMs can not only account ban, they can IP ban.

The Queue: The serviceman and the "guide dog" {WoW}

Jan 13th 2012 5:47PM @Hidendragon

My personal belief is that LFR gear/Tier tokens shouldn't be tradeable, DEable, or Vendorable on a NEED roll but instead should BoP, and must be DELETED by player if not equipped/traded in for Tier gear.

The Queue: I will not {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2011 6:16PM When I use to hear the intro for BC, it sounded to me like either Malcolm McDowell or Julian Sands was voicing him.

When I heard Illidan in WoE, it sounded like Julian Sands. Does anyone know who voices him? It could be neither but I have been curious all these years.

And yes, I was upset by Malfurion telling Tyrande to: "Hush..." and I think that she sounds exactly like Aggra.

The Queue: The addon was AdiBags {WoW}

Sep 5th 2011 8:53PM If a body meet a bonnie coming through the rye, need the body kiss the bonnie and make the bonnie cry?

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