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Enter to win a World of Warcraft iPhone clip case {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2011 1:25PM For the Horde!

Officers' Quarters: Return of an X guild leader {WoW}

Nov 14th 2011 2:16PM I agree, he is almost certainly showing up again now that guild transfer services exist. He either wants to take the guild to his new realm, or he caught wind of the fact that level 25 guilds commonly go for 250-350k gold and wants to profit off of the work you did after he left. Don't let him get his foot in the door!

Breakfast Topic: Has your account ever been compromised? {WoW}

Apr 19th 2011 10:37AM I got hacked back during Wrath.

I had been putting off getting an authenticator since my brother and I would often play each other's toons for farm nights while raiding (the raid lead/officers never found out!) but I had been meaning to go ahead and get one. Mind you, apart from the account sharing, I was very conscientious about account and computer security, and I am no idiot about phishing scams either. The same is even more true for my brother, and to this day I have no idea how my account got compromised.

Anyways, one night in the middle of H Saurfang, I got disconnected. I said in vent that I had DC'd and would be right back in, when someone says "why did you log in on your warrior?" To which I replied "Uh, I didn't. I'm at the log-in screen." Queue panicked password changing and relogging. Luckily I bumped the hacker right back off and with the changed password, didn't get kicked off again again and was able to continue raiding as before. As soon as raid ended, I downloaded the authenticator application to my iPhone and never looked back!

I dodged a bullet though. It was sheer luck they tried to hack me while I was online, and in vent with people that would notice me logging in on a toon I don't usually play. If not for both of those, I might not have had the time to salvage the situation, or even known I was being hacked instead of just disconnected. All I got was a wake-up call with no harm done.

Get an authenticator!

Officers' Quarters: That other guild reputation {WoW}

Apr 19th 2011 10:14AM This is somewhat off topic from dealing with reputation-slandering, but I have some advice for the letter writer that might help them with their raid group and recruitment in general.

This jumped out at me in the letter:

"...we are a small 10m raiding guild who desperately needs more raiders for it's second group since only 1 person gone from our main group means disaster..."

This makes it seem as though you are recruiting for a second 10 man, which you then poach from to fill absences in your first 10 man. However, given that you can't keep a consistent main group, I am wondering why you are working on a second group at all.

If you have exactly 10 people in your primary group, and you have people who can't maintain 100% attendance, then you need more people in your main group. Recruiting people to fill out a secondary 10 man won't help, and if you are only doing it to keep a pool of fill-ins, this is a recipe for drama.

Nobody wants to be in the "reject" 10 man, sitting around to wonder if that week they will be needed in the "good" 10 man or not. Also, what does it do to the second 10 man when you need to take members from it to save to your main groups run? Do they just not run that night? Or do you force them into pugging from trade? If they aren't running regularly, then why call it a secondary 10 man instead of calling it what it is: the bench?

Here is my advice to you, as someone who runs a small semi-casual progression 10 man raid group: a good size for a 10 man raiding group is 12-13 people. Be open and transparent about this. Let the raid group know you want to have 12-13 people in the group, that are full-time members. Make sure none of them are bench members, unless they actively want to be (sometimes you get skilled players who are students or something that just want to raid time to time but can't commit to a full schedule, and they make absolutely wonderful fill-ins).

Every raid night, invite all members of the raid group that are online. For farm content, work people in and out on a boss-by-boss basis based off of who needs drops. Give people the opportunity to volunteer to sit for individual bosses, and if no one is willing to do so, then rotate people in and out based off of raid composition and then fairness (don't keep benching That One Guy unless he really ought to be a bench-only member--in which case be honest with him about his role in the group).

Most nights you will find that you only have 10-11 of these people available, and between latency issues and whatnot, the raid group usually forms itself. Some nights you may have the full 13 on and wanting to raid, but as long as you are very open in your communication about it, it is very easy to form a raid group from there with no drama. Just make sure you are crediting kills to even those sitting for it, and that you go back and get kills/achievements for anyone who may have missed out.

This will give you a lot more flexibility in your raid group and in my mind is the ideal set up for any casual or semi-casual raid group where attendance can be inconsistent. If your goal is a set up more like this, it should help with preventing stagnancy in progression and bring up group morale in general, and these things do more for recruiting steady raid members than spamming trade ever will (seriously, take it to the realm forums and report any off-topic or bashing replies--they will be deleted post-haste).

Best of luck!

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