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Around Azeroth: Come and get it {WoW}

Dec 9th 2009 11:13AM Haha, get out of my brain! I've been playing L4D for the past few months and just returned to Wow because of 3.3

Sunday Morning Funnies: The absurdity of it all {WoW}

Nov 30th 2009 2:02PM The author always especially loves the NPC comic :) (I like it too)

Murata Seiko unicycling robot stays upright, wows onlookers at CEATEC (video) {Engadget}

Oct 9th 2009 11:02AM Yes, the fan-looking thing is for balance, you can clearly see it operating in the video of both the unicycle and bicycle bots :)

It is a flywheel, not a gyroscope. It doesn't need to spin fast to stabilize the bot, just needs to spin in the opposite direction the bot is falling.

Also, you don't want a low center of gravity when trying to balance, you want a high center of gravity (try to balance a ruler or a yardstick in your hand and tell me which is easier).

HDR imaging for the cheap and gifted {Engadget}

Jul 17th 2009 8:56AM Actually in the article he mentions he's getting 32-bit.

Engadget Chinese goes hands-on with the Olympus E-P1 {Engadget}

Jun 19th 2009 11:32AM I think his comment was just poorly arranged. Probably should have been:
I have been waiting for this camera, but without a built-in flash I'll look somewhere else, sorry.

I agree.

SanDisk CEO concedes: "You can't out-iPod the iPod" {Engadget}

Jun 4th 2009 9:15AM Tell me why they rock. I'm asking honestly. As I commented above, I've owned various portable-music-playing-devices over the years, some of which were ipods, and they didn't do a better job playing music than any of the other ones, some of which were much cheaper chinese players. To me, they just seem more expensive because of the name, they'll play the same mp3s my $20 cheapy ones will, or even the same mp3s my homemade player will (not very portable, just for fun). Why do you say they rock?

SanDisk CEO concedes: "You can't out-iPod the iPod" {Engadget}

Jun 4th 2009 9:01AM I've never understood the fascination with the ipod. Please please don't take this as flaming, anti-fanboyism, etc. I've had a couple and used them, and just don't get it. They work fine, they don't do anything special, but they are quite expensive compared to the competition. I've also had the sandisk 'sansa' mp3 player, a couple of cheapy chinese players, an mp3 CD player way back when; and they've all been fine to use, and all had their stupid/annoying issues too.

Honestly I am curious why people like the ipod so much, or is it just because it's "the one to have"? I've never found a reason why it's a better music-playing-device than another.

Motorola debuts world's first retail DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems {Engadget}

Jun 3rd 2009 9:50AM I was checking Comcast's prices on their website for the faster DOCSIS 3 connections, and came across this marketing gem for the "Ultra" package:

"increased frame rates for gamers."

Figured someone would get a larf out of it. I love marketing.

Engadget's 5th birthday giveaway, part 1: win an Optimus Maximus keyboard! {Engadget}

Apr 15th 2009 10:44AM This post is my favorite, because the Optimus is rad and I want one so dearly, and these odds are better-than-the-lottery!

PETA to hold WoW rally to protest seal slaughter {WoW}

Apr 7th 2009 2:13PM Fur is murder, wear meat.

Seriously though, PETA is one of the worst 'activist' groups out there. The number of downright stupid things they say and do as a group is embarrassing to those who just in-general want better treatment of animals. They give a bad name to animal lovers, vegetarians and other groups because of the stupid crap they pull.