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Shifting Perspectives: Balance druid feedback {WoW}

Sep 16th 2011 4:21PM Actually, one possible solution to balance Eclipse is to make Lunar more interesting/powerful.

In general, since Solar already has the AoE role, Lunar could be given the Single Target/Utility role. Examples, when in Lunar:
- Tweak Starfall to deal better single target damage (remove the cap, let all 20 stars hit one target, maybe fall faster).
- Make Innervate provide a damage boost while in Lunar (buff can last beyond the duration of Innervate).
- Make Mushrooms' Fungal Growth slow attack/casting speed
- Increase Owlkin Frenzy proc/bonus

There are probably other, better ideas, but these are just a few to illustrate a possible solution.

Shifting Perspectives: On the matter of Moonkin Form {WoW}

Aug 28th 2011 5:14PM Bumping a great idea: minor glyph it. Better yet: give us several options (like Mage's Poly models) to choose from. I'd love to be a Keeper of the Grove, and if I played a female NE, a Dryad...

Shifting Perspectives: Total Eclipse, part 2, page 2 {WoW}

Apr 26th 2011 11:38AM

and the Eclipses (can't include link b/c of 3 URL limit, but search wowhead for Lunar/Solar Eclipse)

Note that both Eclipses enhance spells that don't use up energy:

Lunar: Moonfire, Starfall
Solar: Sunfire, Insect Swarm, Wild Mushrooms

Starsurge always benefits from either.

Shifting Perspectives: Total Eclipse, part 2, page 2 {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2011 5:28PM EDIT: Corrected typos, fixed alias.

I agree that something must be done about Eclipse in general, but I'm wary of the direction you're going because I think there are a few other things that should be taken into account:

First, as you said in a 'lock article, everything must have a purpose, and without purpose, there's no point in having it in the game. So, it's important to consider how balance discussions impact the purpose of a spec, as well as what makes it desirable (both to a group and to a player). Along these lines, every class derives some "satisfaction" from the uniqueness of what it brings to the (raid) table. Druids in general used to be unique with brez, and, as Ranged DPS (correct me if I'm wrong), one of the biggest (if not the biggest, and possibly 'only') asset Moonkins bring to raids and heroics is their huge mobile AoE dps. Single target, there's very little druids do that isn't comparable or bettered by other classes. So, to take away what MKs do best (and what they bring to the group) would again worsen their standing in raid-spot desirability.

Further, it's a bit strange for you to say that, on the one hand, it's true that very few raids go out looking for Moonkins (if not for Solar AoE dmg), and on the other, that the change in this trend in top guilds *proves* that Eclipse is absurd. I'd argue the complete opposite: the fact that Eclipse is at least making Moonkins more relevant in top guilds proves that something is going well (i.e., I still agree that Eclipse needs fixing, but a bigger problem that needs fixing is precisely that Moonkins get the short end of the stick when it comes to raid spots. Too big a nerf on Solar Eclipse would make this problem worse, the greater of two evils). These two problems are related via Mastery, and how damage outside Eclipse is bad, while in Eclipse, it's really good (when you consider "controlled Eclipses" and Solar AoE rotation).

Second, any spec balance discussion is only meaningful in relation to other specs. In 4.1, most specs got damage buffs, and a lot of those were important AoE damage buffs, including (not exhaustive): Mages' 70% damage buff to Blizzard, and 30% increase to Arcane Explosion, which I'm sure you love; Hunters' 250% Multi-shot damage boost, etc. Moonkins got Starsurge nerfed, and that's it. So, before hailing the nerfbat, I think it's important to look at how Solar AoE damage compares with 4.1 AoE damage of other classes (still keeping in mind that it's what Moonkins are bringing to the table right now: extending the Mages and Hunters examples, both have desirable CC, and more constant, non-burst damage. I don't remember ever hearing "LF Moonkin with good CC." :P).

Third, let's not forget about Lunar Eclipse: any issues (and solutions) relating to Solar/Mastery have to consider what's happening in Lunar. At the moment, the main thing going on is that being in Lunar is not very desirable (relatively speaking), since Solar affects more spells, has more mobility, and is much better at putting out AoE damage (even with Starfall, which is Balance's "ultimate", you're better off staying in Solar during adds/mobs, and then using it up in the boss). It would be good to see Lunar and Solar play different roles in Moonkin rotation: have Lunar be optimized for single target dps, while Solar for aoe (with a slight nerf to Solar AoE). I think this would be a positive change because it makes each Eclipse more interesting and meaningful, not just a straight damage boost to differently named spells. This might not be the ideal solution, but the main point is that if Lunar is relatively more desirable (ie. again, by having a *purpose* in the rotation), then there will be a good incentive to leave Solar (which is the crux of your argument: player's don't want to leave Solar cause it's so damn good.)

Finally, I have to disagree with this statement:

"Balance druids hold way too much control over Eclipse in the sense that we are capable of gaming the system in this nature to create extreme damage differences."

"woy too much control" is a bit of an overstatement, and also not the meat of the matter: it's a good thing that we have control over our class mechanic, and to not use that to boost DPS is inefficient. It would be like saying "Frost Mages have too much control over when they use up Fingers of Frost to Deep Freeze/Ice Lance/Coldsnap --> Deep Freeze/Ice Lance."

The real issue is not how much control we have, which should not be taken away, but how little damage we do outside Eclipse, and how much we do while in Eclipse (which you mention in your article). In other words, the extreme damage differences aren't "created" by our control over Eclipse, but rather how Mastery damage is distributed. It's a fine point, but I think it's worth mentioning, since the argument as written now would make it seem like the problem, and therefore, solution, has to do with player control over Eclipse, when in fact what should be looked at is the damage (leave the control as is: it's not "way too much." Boost non-eclipse damage and nerf Eclipse). This is even more relevant in PvP, since death --> Eclipse goes to 0. Moonkins are big, fat, easy targets, you'll find yourself doing "sub-par" damage in PvP most of the time, and expect to be ganked very quickly as soon as you have the Eclipse buff.

Hopefully I didn't come across as rude at any moment, rather, I'm trying to add to the discussion on something we both have thought about, and hope to see adressed soon :)!

P.S. On a more 'holistic' note, I'm a bit intrigued by the relationship between this article, and your Balance Druid AoE rotation article ( Aren't these somewhat contradictory?

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