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Blizzard remains optimistic about WoW subscriber numbers {WoW}

Sep 1st 2011 1:19PM Exactly as I have said before to friends of mine who still play, I Quit because due to time concerns because of work, I am not around during the usual raid times on the server i used to play on, back in wrath, or even bc, there were raids at all times, yes, even pug raids, now, those have dried up, due to.... everything taking such a outragous time commitment it is not funny.

I wish blizzard had just listened to themselves in the past with if i remember right, the original wow manual stated something like raiders and non raiders can have the same gear, just the raiders gear is extra shiny, glows, or has flames on it or something. wrath showed that near the end, with raiders getting their heroic raid gear, while everyone else had similar gear, just half a tier behind. NOT this current crap where if you want a full tier, you have to raid.

Patch 4.2 Firelands and daily quests preview up now {WoW}

Apr 28th 2011 4:20AM Well, I for one, to be honest, am not shocked or awed by a few new shinies, partcuarlly when they still have NOT fixed bugs and issues from cataclysm's launch. hence, why it will take more than these redressed raids as 5 mans, and shiny new raids, that are using reskinned models, and or reserving content for heroic modes. FIX THE GAME, then go for new shinies PERIOD.

that said, meh, it's another fire based raid, nice for the few classes not broken to play in.

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