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Rumor: Elder Scrolls MMO to be announced in May {Massively}

Mar 16th 2012 11:11AM I hate this idea on so many levels.

First off, it's a prequel. Prequels piss me off. While I'm waiting for the story of a series to progress, I have to go back and do a bunch of crap that doesn't even matter? No thank you. Let's just get on with the story, shall we?

Second, it's an MMO. Bethesda even said they are all about the single player experience. There is NO WAY you can have nearly the same level of freedom and attention to detail in an mmo. In every Elder Scrolls game, your character is the savior of that particular time period. Without your character, the world would've been doomed. In an mmo? You're never the main character. You're always just some damned lackey that supports the cast of characters they provide for you. In Elder Scrolls, your character progresses to the point of being an all powerful BAMF. In an mmo, you'll need to rely on others to support you. No freakin way. There was never any enemy in the Elder Scrolls games that required a stupid raid to kill. You just trained yourself, got some awesome gear and took that SOB down yourself. Relying on others for help is NOT what Elder Scrolls is all about. Elder Scrolls games are all about YOU being the greatest hero of the time.

Battlefield 3 gets intimate with 'Close Quarters' screens, trailer {Joystiq}

Mar 13th 2012 8:36AM Nice to see PS3 owners getting some love for once. I own it for 360, but even I admit that getting stuff early ALL the time is pretty unfair to the other system owners.

Deja Review: Tales of the Abyss (3DS) {Joystiq}

Feb 28th 2012 9:40AM @AbsoluteZero273

Glad to hear you're giving Abyss a try. It's an amazing game and my favorite in the series thus far.

One thing I want to beg you for, though. Give the characters a chance. Many of them seem annoying at first but they get a TON of development and maturity as the story progresses. By the end, you'll think they're amazing people. Of course, Jade was always awesome. Jade Curtiss is the man.

Pokemon Black and White Version 2 coming this fall to North America {Joystiq}

Feb 27th 2012 6:04PM Hmm. I preferred the look of Zekrom over Reshiram, so I got Pokemon White.

The Reshiram/Kyurem form looks a lot better than the Zekrom/Kyurem form, though.

Looks like it's White 2 for me!

I'll be curious to see if the Kyurem forms change types. It could stay Dragon/Ice or it may be Dragon/Fire and Dragon/Electric or it could be Ice/Fire and Ice/Electric. So many possibilities. I hope it keeps the dragon type, though. Dragon is my favorite pokemon type.

Deja Review: Tales of the Abyss (3DS) {Joystiq}

Feb 27th 2012 5:44PM @AbsoluteZero273

To further clarify, Tales Games are almost always separately contained stories that usally have nothing to do with each other. They often retain similar elements such as the names of abilities and some monsters, but otherwise they are each their own universe.

The SOPAbox: Defeating online piracy by destroying the internet, page 2 {Massively}

Jan 10th 2012 11:24AM @neocloud61

My post was a reply to stamps79, btw

The SOPAbox: Defeating online piracy by destroying the internet, page 2 {Massively}

Jan 10th 2012 11:23AM sadly, it looks like it will.

I love America. I'm proud to be an American.

The people running our government however, are another story. Today's government officials and politicians are doing their best to walk all over the american people in the interests of money and power.

God help us all, because congress sure won't.

In defense of Xenogears {Joystiq}

Jan 7th 2012 11:18AM @MarkezJM

Troll or not, you're entitled to your opinion.

Your tone however is totally uncalled for. If you don't like the game, that's fine. Calling fans of it elitists springing out of nowhere is just ignorant.

Xenogears has been hailed as one of the best games of all time since its release. The fans have always been there and it was never a secret that many people loved it. We're not a bunch of hipsters saying we liked it just because it wasn't mainstream. We're simply fans who've loved a brilliant game with an amazingly complex plot that screamed for a sequel/series that sadly never came together.

We like it you don't. Neither side is wrong, but acting like you're some great defender of reason by saying it's crap is just silly.

The official Legend of Zelda timeline isn't entirely official yet {Joystiq}

Dec 26th 2011 8:57AM I want a direct sequel to Twilight Princess. Still my favorite Zelda game.

Hideo Kojima gets his Revengeance with Metal Gear Rising {Joystiq}

Dec 13th 2011 9:24PM I have a question. At the end of MGS4 Raiden is shown recovering in a hospital and all his cybernetic parts are gone.

Metal Gear Rising made sense as a prequel. How does he go from cyborg to normal and back to cyborg now that it's a sequel?