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Lichborne: Death knight tips for End Time {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2011 1:38PM You sure can, I kept doing it last night

The Queue: Almost 7 years since release {WoW}

Nov 21st 2011 4:12PM ^ True

Also the Jaina stage in End Time requires you to collect 16 shards around the area to bring Jaina into the fight. There's about half a dozen groups of five mobs patrolling around the shards, and you will likely fight most of them to get to all the shards (they're the same ghostly Alliance mobs from the start of Halls of Reflection).

With some fairly easy timing/awareness you can slip right past all the mobs in the Baine encounter, and there's only one or two that are in the way of Sylvanas.

WoE is pretty easy, the first and final thirds of the instance you have to follow Illidan and take out a couple token groups of mobs. The middle portion has you fighting a couple groups of "eyes" that hit pretty hard.

Since HoT is all escort, there isn't any groups that you can skip, but it's fairly quick to get through them all.

The Queue: Is Jaina going to keep the peace? {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2011 1:32PM SW can always get more building materials by taking apart the Lakeshire bridge...

Encrypted Text: Rogue news from BlizzCon 2011 {WoW}

Oct 26th 2011 4:55PM Oh and re: the talent system poisons, using talents on those poisons would (I assume) end up in your spellbook, and not just add items in your inventory, I'm suspecting that poisons will become like Shaman weapon enchants.

Encrypted Text: Rogue news from BlizzCon 2011 {WoW}

Oct 26th 2011 4:51PM I remember there was talk that combat daggers was going to be made viable again so they don't lose out on the legendary. Whether it's a retooling of each spell, a new talent (either of which making combat daggers work with or without the legendary -- which I kind of hope), or just something build into the Fangs themselves, I don't know. But every time I look at the PTR patch notes updates and see that rogues aren't even on there, it makes me suspect that there's some major reworking going on.

BlizzCon 2011: Mists of Pandaria Pandaren racials {WoW}

Oct 21st 2011 5:35PM Shouldn't all new Pandaren toons also get the Brewmaster title automatically on their first log in? XD

The Queue: Colin Hay, WoW, Tailspin, Darkwing Duck, and Scott Pilgrim {WoW}

Oct 20th 2011 2:42PM Q4tQ:

Any word/speculation on how Blizz plans to bring back combat daggers for the new legendary? Will it be something built in to the actual items, new talents, or a retooling of all our attacks (like "Sinister Strike - An instant strike that causes X damage (X+30% if daggers are equipped) in addition to your normal weapon damage. Awards 1 combo point.")

Basically, will it be a revamp of combat daggers as a whole, or just pertaining to the legendary?

Patch 4.3: Valor changes and ilevel clarifications {WoW}

Oct 4th 2011 10:29PM "The 4.3 raid, Dragon Soul, will be split into two separate raids for the Raid Finder."

I take this to mean that you can queue up for something like Morchok->Hagara, and then Ultraxaion->Madness of DW. That would be great for busy weeks when you're not sure you can commit to a whole raid.

The Queue: Helena Beat {WoW}

Sep 30th 2011 12:32PM On the PTR it's the item, once your mog something, when you mouseover the item it will have additional text (like when it's reforged) that says "Transmogrified to: Item name" in purple text.

The Queue: The life of Deathwing {WoW}

Sep 20th 2011 11:26AM My rogue was probably the fastest to gear up initially, there's a lot of good rogue pieces in Halls of Origination that will tide you over as you rack up JP/VP, so on normal, just keep running it til you have most of the gear, or for heroic, queue up for it specifically first before you do any randoms.

Winning Tol Barad and the daily BG will net you around 600 honor which you can change over to JP.

If you get him up to 84 before Brewfest is over, you may be able to get an ilvl 365 mh weapon from Coren (dagger for mut, mace for combat). If you miss BF or aren't lucky, the prices on Brainsplinter and Pyrium Spellward seem to be going down steadily now (at least on my server). Same thing with the BOE belt from FL trash, it's about 1/3 of the price that it was in the first month or two of 4.2.

The Molton Front hub and the new Thrall questline will give you some decent gear that you can reach as soon as you hit 85. The Thrall quest gives a cloak and the first day of Molton Front will open up a decent ring.

And a note for when you start running the Zul heroics: most of the boss fights aren't very rogue-friendly mechanics wise -- you're either running around or switching targets or whatever -- so you will probably find it a lot easier to go through them as combat.

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