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Raid Rx: Healing changes and Firelands thoughts {WoW}

May 13th 2011 7:33PM I get why blizzard are nerfing mana-tide, from a raid PoV, but i dont get why it can't increase the casting shamans spirit by the current 400% and other raid members by the proposed 200%. Are they really suggesting that shammy's atm have OP regen, compared to priests with tide, hymn and shadowfiend... its the other classes that have too much regen because of tide, not the shaman but the shaman gets nerfed too, and then they also nerf our water-shield in one go. I have played a resto shammy as my main since BT and ever since cataclysm I have felt that the balance is totally wrong, with the purification buff they made us just about competitive but still behind all other healing classes, except as a mana battery and now they take that one niche away. If they want to stop us being mana batteries which I understand then they need to give us the personal regen and throughput to justify a raid spot, atm shaman have lowish dps on both dps specs and low hps on our heal spec and now that we provide no unique buffs I can't see any reason (except the currently OP mana tide) to take a shammy to a raid unless the player outskills or out-gears your other options....

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