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Dragon Soul normal and heroic nerf begins Jan. 31 {WoW}

Jan 25th 2012 1:06PM @Moonflaxx

The issue is there's no distinction between turning the nerf off or on. It'll still count as the raid was done.

The point about Firelands and the nerf, was players were trying to do it before the nerf came as a measure of skill. I especially liked the raid because it was about communication and coordination, which encouraged the raid to actually work more as a team (not every man for himself). It was rough, but I was there for hours (8hrs one night, even), and enjoying the experience.

Being in a small guild I have to PuR to raid and enjoy LFR for that purpose, but honestly would prefer to raid normally (and if ever, to do HMs). It's the sense of accomplishment that LFR and the nerfs kill, and that's why progression raiders moan when nerfs do come. It's then everyone wants to do it (those who would not do it when the raid was hard) and with little discipline, too. It goes from a more adult atmosphere to talking strat and all, to kids wanting to race through and if *they* fail blaming everyone else. The closeness raiding can offer is lost, to just be replace with a larger LFR type group. Spoils the fun.

What the Raid Finder's success means for the future of accessible content {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2011 4:30AM This is something that has been asked for for a long time, and a welcome change.

As MMO players get older, and the internet offers more things to do, we just don't have 15hr days anymore to do old skool raiding. We could manage a marathon on the weekends or so, but the standard raid times like Tuesday at 8pm -- and every week -- just is too much for many to deal with.

Secondly, as Cata has taught everyone if you're raiding most of the time on your main, those alts aren't getting geared (or getting geared late in the patch). WoTLK was such a success in getting alts geared out, that the result was wall-to-wall raids were available almost 24/7. LFR will be an excellent way to gear out alts so even more raiders will be available.

Overall, this was needed like yesterday, and glad to see if finally implimented. It brings out everyone to participate, which is a good thing!

Your first Battlegrounds as a PvP healer {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2011 4:21AM One thing to remember as a PvP healer: you w-i-l-l die and die often. There's no Holy paladin invincibility when 4 mages are critting you for 50+k each with over 4k resil!

It's a role you have to love well to tolerate being the #1 target on the BG as soon as the gates open.

Make use of any cover you can -- mines/buildings/bushes -- to stay out of the LoS of DPS. Even if they have the HHTD addon, you can count on the "fog of war" to keep most of the enemy off your back. Most players in a BG will be preoccupied with easier targets, so use their distraction to your advantage.

Don't be tempted to run the flag even once you are more geared (seen this too many times), it's very tempting at times, but it's like having a pinpoint radar on you. Not only are you the #1 target on the BG, if you're carrying the flag every rogue would be there with a smoke bomb with your name on it (if they don't stun lock you). Leave that to melee, especially DKs and Warriors.

Mana conservation isn't as critical in PvP as in PvE, as PvP is designed that you're not expected to live long (sad but true). If you're alive for 5+ mins while in the thick of the fight, the other team just sucks. In those times when you can stay alive for longer (like on a skirmish line in AV -- those are really fun to heal), you can peel away and safely drink.

Usually you don't heal pets as you do have to save mana to keep players alive, but there's rare times when there's an OP hunter with a serious enemy eating pet. Such pets are basically tanks, and if you heal it, it can clear the BG by itself (especially true on lower level BGs). Remember some BGs when a hunter brought such a beast along, it would almost own midfield all by itself over and over and over.

Pay attention of who you're travelling with on the BGs. Ideally you want to team up with those classes that compliment yours and has what your class lacks (especially CC heavy classes so you can freecast -- if you can freecast you are golden and can rack in some serious HPS [and it's what you aim for in both regular PvP and arenas]). Good partners are those that can peel well, too.

Blue Posts and Other WoW News: Infinite content and the $100k/year doll factory worker {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2011 3:34AM @VGK

We heard the same o' same o' from WotLK to Cata.

As they say proof is in the pudding.

Activision Blizzard: RIFT players will come back to WoW {Massively}

May 11th 2011 9:29AM @Puremallace

I'm playing both WoW and Rift.

For me the appeal for WoW is the reason I came to the game -- to play a Holy paladin (a paladin that can actually heal, not offheal). But the 4.0.1 healing changes, and all that was learned about this sub-class healing from the devs, have left a bitter taste about the game. All that was said that healing wouldn't be the same as in WoTLK, guess what? Players are reverting right back to the WoTLK habits, complete with stacking haste to spam HL again. -_-

Cata is so repackaged. On one hand the devs tell us XYZ will be different, then on another we find out that it isn't. The healing haste issue is but one sign that no matter how much people complain about WoTLK game/class mechanics, *they* still return to it. It's like speaking from both sides of the mouth, and frankly, resent the double speak.

After all this, is Blizzard even surprised that players are finding other MMOs to play...and some to never return?

Love my Holy paladin to pieces, yet the love of the class alone isn't enough to keep me with WoW for long. Want to do more, but PuRs are gone with the new guild system and I love to raid. Rift for now with the many invasions is a raid replacement, and I'm happy with the blend of WoW and EQ2 (SHINIES!!!) and even logging into to a game with a theme song. Rift feels more epic, and lord, is it a tougher game to play.

Hope Rift takes the best of WoW and EQ2 and weaves a newer MMO. Because it's about time classic MMOs have a new direction. Don't want to read about backburners (like guild housing and appearance armor) want a game that the devs say, "Sure, we'll be doing it", instead. A more "can do" attitude to offset the no-no-no.

Blizzard needs the competition anyway, just like SoE needed it.