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Is PvP gear good enough for heroics? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 5:40PM You can heal and DPS in PvP gear just fine, as long as you reforge, heck you can even be in your PvP spec too. I do it all the time and I do exceptionally well at it, I have even been complimented a few times when I was able to prevent a wipe by using knowledge I gained in PvP. Would I be doing a better job if I was in PvE gear of the same ilvl? yes, Would I be doing a better job if I was in the only PvE gear available to me without doing heroics? no I wouldn't.

People need to understand that Cataclysmic PvP gear is better than anything that a person can get without doing heroics and raids. The raw agility/intellect/strength increase from PvP gear over lower ilvl PvE gear more than makes up for losing a stat due to resilience.

Now, if the person in PvP gear has it ungemmed, unenchanted, stands in fire, does terrible dps, and is just using PvP gear to get carried in heroics, then please kick him, but do not judge me just because I don't have time to grind two full sets of gear. I will still do more than enough to finish the heroic without any problems.

The Queue: Come to me, Mass Effect 3 {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 12:12PM I agree that the new PvP stats should help, but what about the 4-5 months left of Cata? PvP is broken right now, so fix it right now.

(rant incoming)

We had to put up with all of this during Wrath and Blizzard kept saying Cata will fix it. Well Cata only made things worse, and now they are saying Mists will fix it and I'm sorry but I don't have faith in Blizzard anymore. Sure the PvP power and defense might help with issue of PvE gear, but that is assuming blizzard actually spends time balancing those stats and it is an issue that should have been dealt with a LONG time ago. Also, Blizzard is adding even more CC to the game in Mists, so if you think its frustrating playing against say a frost mage or rogue right now, just wait til Mists when everyone has as much control, if not more than mages and rogues do right now.

/end rant

The Queue: Come to me, Mass Effect 3 {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 11:25AM "and then when you get into the final tier of the expansion you see things like Bryntroll and Gurthalak."

AKA, things that completely destroy any semblance of balance that PvP might have. Its not just weapons though, but usually the last tier trinkets, weapons, set bonuses are usually the ones that ruin PvP. (DBW, DLFO, Vial, Cunning) etc...

Ghostcrawler explains stat changes in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Mar 1st 2012 10:47PM You must be retarded and awful to not be able to keep up with the changes, blizzard does a good job of explaining everything they do, usually, and this is actually really easy to understand if you just read the article

Breakfast Topic: What do you think about the current Raid Finder loot rules? {WoW}

Feb 24th 2012 8:58AM Blizzard should just give everyone a satchel after each boss kill that gives them a random piece of gear, like the holiday bosses do now. They would have to redo the loot that each boss drops, but I imagine it will be something like this; Each armor type (cloth, leather, mail, plate) has its own pool of loot so plate will never get cloth and vice versa, but their could be a chance that all you get from the satchel is some gold and no loot so you're not guaranteed to get loot.

How to heal in Battlegrounds {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2012 4:01PM I would also like to add that you should prioritize better geared players and the players that are actually playing for the objectives.

The Queue: I'm Ronald D. Moore {WoW}

Feb 9th 2012 12:57PM My most recent moment was during an End Time run. We were fighting Sylvanas and the tank died during the ghoul phase. The ret paladin in the group picked her up and he both of us rotated our cooldowns flawlessly (i was disc at the time) and we managed to still down her. After that everyone in the group was complimenting the ret and me on an amazing job. What made it even sweeter is earlier in the run, the mage in the group wanted to kick me because I was in mostly PvP gear (fully gemmed and enchanted though). After we beat Sylvanas, I asked him if he still thought I should be kicked to which he didn't reply.

Side note: PvP gear does not always mean the player is bad, in fact sometimes it means they are really good but they choose to just PvP instead of PvE, so please don't judge people by their gear (unless, of course, if its no gemmed or enchanted and they don't know how to reforge).

Breakfast Topic: How and why did you leave your previous guild? {WoW}

Feb 8th 2012 9:06AM I was in a friendly leveling guild when I first started the game and I made a lot of friends in it. I was actually given lead of the guild when our GM had to quit wow. Then i got the raiding bug and I joined a very good raiding guild, and I brought along anyone from my old guild that wanted to come. However, like a lot of good guilds, this guild fell apart when Ulduar came out because progression wasn't very good. Ever since then I have been bouncing between social guild and PvP guilds.

Most of my PvP guilds I have been usually only last 1 season because when you combine all those egos and because a lot of players transfer to find better partners, its like a ticking time bomb. Heck, last season our guild reformed on 2 separate occasions because of egos, and it eventually fell apart after the season was over.

Now, I have transferred to a new server and I am already on my 4th guild. 1st guild was just for the perks since it was a new server, then I got in a guild PvP guild but they didn't do anything but complain or say how good the were, then back to a guild for perks, and finally I am in a good PvP guild with players that aren't total d-bags (pardon my language).

The Queue: Why I welcome the Dragon Soul nerf and why you should, too {WoW}

Jan 19th 2012 12:56PM @ Nina

I find it ironic that you will defend a person who, according to puntable, is just a bad player, but yet you automatically kick someone in PvP gear. I have healed heroics/raids/LFR on my priest in full PvP gear with a few PvE pieces and I have been complemented many times on my healing. I also dps on my hunter and DK in PvP gear with a few PvE pieces and I am always towards the top of DPS or at least in line with the rest of the DPSers who are in full PvE gear. HOWEVER, not only do I do a good job of healing/dps, I also know how to use m utility abilities on all m classes.

Before I get downvoted and flamed, I know I am making generalizations and I am not saying that PvErs don't know how to use their utility abilities, but usually people that are good at PvP and/or have a lot of experience at PvP are more aware of whats going on and they know how to react and can react faster.

tl:dr - I would rather have a good PvPer than a bad PvEer

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