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Reader UI of the Week: Naina's UI and comfortable clutter {WoW}

Jun 1st 2011 10:02AM First off I have no idea why SexyMap is even named SexyMap as I have NEVER seen a UI where SexyMap didn't look awful.
Second, the memory barely tells you anything, you only have to check it if you play on a gameboy so to say. It's the CPU usage that actually matters.

As for hiding things I suggest Kong. It basically lets you hide anything you want on specific occasions.

The UI itself then, again a few things I just don't understand.

- Why do you constantly have to see that TitanPanel? Not to mention early all the information is useless anyway.
- Two clocks?
- Why are your raidframes class colored and the text inside also class colored?
- Why have that ugly border around it?
- Who still uses the micro menu?
- Imo your Grid is quite low .. your constantly looking behind your character tbh. If anythign actually happens to your character it's hard to see since your eyes are focused somewhere else.
- And all in all your UI just has this unorganized, cluttered look imo.

Reader UI of the Week: Bloom with Skoddie's UI {WoW}

May 21st 2011 3:17AM Angry is a bit much, I just hate to see the word minimalism in UI's that have very little to do with minimalism. Minimalism isn't about using small or little addons. The whole "My UI only uses like 300kb in raids! Yaay me!" thing is bullshit. In nearly all cases a UI with "normal" addons isn't more laggy. And in most cases a small memory UI lacks functionality if you don't know lua.

About the UF's. It's all fine that your healbot is for specific things, but do you really have to show it constantly? And can't you let it grow from the left to the right? Now it's just floating there. Now for the two frames in the lower left, if you use them for additional information ... Why not put them in the middle and just get rid of the HuD. Either that or give your HuD more information? Both can show all the relevant information that you need. Using both for different reasons is just an easy excuse imo, especially with your minimalism view of using addons with unique function. If you use them for targeet debuffs that you don't apply then you got a problem again, cause you need to move your eyes around to see the actual debuffs. Not to mention the debuff boxes are quite small and in a raid they get to tend very crowded. And if you're not a raidleader there is basically no reason to see other people debuffs on your target either. More information isn't bad no, that's all the UI is about. But it's about showing the right information, in the right way, in the right place.

So you're broker bar, what does is show that you constantly need to monitor. Let me check .... Well, the guild thing is probably the only thing that's useful for me. All the other info is either redundant, or can be shown within seconds without any problem. It might just be a few pixels, but imo it makes a UI plain ugly (in this way at least), and weren't we talking about minimalism here? It seems your definition of minimalism is about which addons you use, while mine is more about how I use those addons.

Now if you for example, would remove the lower Unit Frames (or replace the HuD with them) you could put your chat or minimap in that corner. You could place the DPS meter on top of your chat or minimap, and put the actonbars more into the middle. I even suggest a different addon to check your CD's. I mean, I played a lot of classes, but I never had to show 36 actoinslots at every time.

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