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Totem Talk: How to level your elemental shaman {WoW}

Aug 8th 2011 4:55PM I've been leveling a Tauren Ele shaman for a while. Sitting at 72 now, and I love it. With dual spec, I tend to switch to Resto for dungeons, though I have run several as Ele, and the big crits are nice to see. The great thing is you should already have intellect armour and so don't need to carry around two different sets of gear whilst you level.

Elemental is fantastic fun for leveling. With Lightning Bolt often giving back mana, and with access to healing spells there is practically no downtime. Regarding your advice not to use totems unless necessary, once you get access to Totemic Recall, which returns 25% of your totem cost, mana really doesn't become an issue. The buffs they give you make them worth dropping whenever possible, I think. Just beware that they can pull mobs (which has led to numerous near-death or actual-death experiences).

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