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Breakfast Topic: Which WoW Insider column would you like to guest write? {WoW}

Oct 5th 2011 9:43AM Read most columns daily, but the question isn't what I want to read, but would like to write (see written) - WoW is a complex game and there's a ton of inside lingo, multiple facets of play, and a general overwhelming factor to new players. I'd focus on them.

Rookie guide that breaks down not just play style, but end game and outlook on class selection (Solo player? Enjoy leading groups? Enjoy getting your dark side out, or being in the service of others? Are you a fashionista that will spend days on looking good?); evolving into an extended series on races and classes and mindsets of each.

A column on professions - which are essential on your main, and in depth pairings beyond basic gather/crafting assumptions. Druid Flight Form as the master gatherer, why Chaos Orbs changing to BoE changes your main's optimal professions, what part of your profession alts can be a 75 man army, and who needs to make it to Twilight Highlands and beyond, et. al.

Know Your Lore, My Little Pwny Edition - Trade chat memes and where they came from

TED, Just admit it - Thought it a stretch at first, but you have legal columns. A philosophy/sociology column. Anything and everything from problem solving from a gamer's viewpoint to Joseph Campbell's theories of myth as applied to Azeroth. Perhaps even a scientifically questionable but completely convincing series on how to apply your MMO skills to real life to succeed at work, buy a yacht, and get scores of beautiful women. Or purify oneself into a levitating, insightful monastic paragon of good. Whatever floats your boat.

The Classified's Tome of Style - Some etiquette columns that could be a link in guild info for guilds to make a point without seeming rude to new members. 'Things to know that don't waste your guildies' time', 'Why Trolling Is Bad For Business', 'Know Your Role - Why your PvP Rogue isn't invited to raids (it's why that PvE Arcane Mage isn't invited to your RBGs)'

The Classifieds: Think DeathWing, Act Local - A focus on guilds and even an eventual directory of guilds based on physical location. You've all touched on this before, but if there were some way for people to find a guild in their town/neighborhood/emirate that meets down at the CBTL once a week - bye, bye current guild, hellooooooo chai latte and real world interactions...

Anything about chupacabras.

Patch 4.3 PTR: Hunters, do not be alarmed {WoW}

Sep 27th 2011 11:47PM Horrific is a place holder, I'm guessing. Wouldn't care about that so much.

Patch 4.3 PTR: Hunters, do not be alarmed {WoW}

Sep 27th 2011 11:25PM Really? WInged pallies, creepy super-priests, time creeping mages, and bat-rouges, and we get this guy? Nerf me. Just make me not the lamest tier set...

The Queue: Blame Greg {WoW}

Sep 9th 2011 10:15PM Q for the Q: Any speculation on BiS weapon changes for 4.3? The off hand enchant made casters drop their staves in droves and may well have lead to the viability of the non-shield question, what are the odds that a new enchant without melee limitations will come out that has hunters looking for agility single hands? Do y'all think potential moggers may have some new look combos to sport?

The Queue: Curses! {WoW}

Aug 21st 2011 5:31PM Are the Steam Pools ever going to open? They're like an unfinished condo in Vegas, complete with unemployed master chef and empty pool chairs! Please tell me it's just been pushed back until 4.3 and not just a random piece of weirdness. Like the new Dal/Shatt, overlooking the AQ dungeons and Silithus quest hub (in which Blizzard inadvertently removes the elementals that are the main source of BOA agility enchants, making Transmute Elemental Water to Air even more valuable than Defias mogging gear to BOA twink rogues? Could we see level 30 twink pvper's with outfits more expensive than top tier raid gear? Oooh, and then Blizz could scale raid bosses stats according to average iLevel of the raid party, making all raids relevant! Oh wait, this was about Steam Pools..)

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