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20 observations from a leveling tank {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2012 6:12PM My 2 cents here. My main is an 85 DK tank and I've tanked just about every encounter in WOTLK and Cata on him as well as some older ones at a higher level than intended. I also tanked a many dungeons on my warrior in Vanilla and BC. It frustrates me to no end to see DPS go "balls out" on pulls and they die or we wipe and then they blame me for not picking them up. How am I supposed to pick them up off you if you're using DPS cooldowns and you're hardest hitting abilities right away? I only have 2 taunts, and guess what? They're both reserved for the healer.

From a DPS perspective: I hate tanks that seem to have severe cases of ADHD and keep pulling nonstop. If you have a feral druid or a rogue in your group, doing that just makes the whole thing take longer because they can't stealth and thus can't use some of their better abilities. And please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop running ahead and pulling a 2nd group before the first is even dead. That annoys the **** out of me. If you can't be bothered to help kill a group, then don't tank, heal, problem solved. This also means that casters and more importantly healers can't stop to drink either. So don't be that type of tank please. I wish there were a way we could rate people with different ratings in-game and the tanks who pulled constantly would be matched with the DPS who don't know how to manage threat and then the people who actually want to do things correctly won't have to deal with either.

Random thought regarding LFD: One run of UP or UK forget which one it was, I had some dumbasses who thought it would be hilarious to cast Tricks on me (I was DPSing) and the tank wouldn't bother to pick up the mob. They were total douchebags. When I asked them not to politely multiple times, they reacted in the typical LFD moron manner: STFU n00b or whatever stupid things they say.

How to level up using the Dungeon Finder {WoW}

Dec 29th 2011 4:00PM Errr...

^^^ Should say: pulls threat off you, dang typo...

How to level up using the Dungeon Finder {WoW}

Dec 29th 2011 3:59PM Comment fail, down rank both these please.

How to level up using the Dungeon Finder {WoW}

Dec 29th 2011 3:58PM Err...

^^ Should say: pulls threat off you

How to level up using the Dungeon Finder {WoW}

Dec 29th 2011 3:54PM Any DPS that is a moron and pulls threat off me and doesn't know how to use an aggro drop ability or *gasp* God forbid stop DPSing for 5 seconds deserves to die IMO. Maybe that'll teach them to quit being dumbasses.

As for your question, I'd recommend queuing for a specific dungeon, looking up each boss on or other similar sites which will give you strategies for most of them if not all.

Be sure to use tank items for your gear (that means below level 40 you use mail with strength+stamina and hopefully some useful secondary stats like dodge, parry, etc.) Above 40 you should use plate gear with the same stats, above level 80 mastery is
helpful as well.

Also buy low level enchants on the AH for your gear. Many can be had for under 100g each which is cheap compared to some of the end game ones. Ideally you'd want enchants which increase things like dodge, parry, block (if a warrior or paladin), mastery (above level 80), stamina, etc. Also same thing for gems if you have gear with gem slots in them. Don't use all stamina gems as dodge/parry/block/mastery is more important.

If you're having threat issues still, look for expertise/hit gear/enchants/gems and/or reforge for it once you've gotten ilvl 200+ gear.

The Queue: Get angry! Get mad! {WoW}

Dec 7th 2011 12:44PM There needs to be a way for it to track whether you won a previous roll on the item when it drops more than 1 off the same kill. No sense in having the same person when the same item twice.

Realm maintenance for Tuesday, Nov. 29 {WoW}

Nov 28th 2011 6:21PM Hmmm 12pm EST, for estimated uptime, that's pretty good considering how it used to be when they would do patch maintenance, not starting until 9 or 10am EST and lasting til 5 or 6pm EST. Of course back then servers didn't come up on patch days a lot of the time either due to other issues. Hopefully they'll be up on time and working correctly. :)

The Queue: Patch 4.3's release date {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2011 12:24PM Regarding the Marks of the World Tree, I wish Blizzard would allow us to mail excess ones to alts. I really don't feel like doing the dailies 500+ more times on each alt and my main has a ton of marks just sitting there collecting dust.

Breakfast Topic: How do you feel after spending time with archaeology? {WoW}

Nov 16th 2011 12:48PM HATE archeology. It's only slightly better than fishing. Both are ridiculously boring. Takes one too long to skill up and God forbid to get an item you actually want/can use.

Pandaria to eschew capital cities for scattered vendors, separate faction hubs {WoW}

Oct 28th 2011 2:08PM But you do see the world, you see it when you level. After that there's really no point in going back into it just to look at it or to get from one place to another when portals and the like are faster. Once you've seen it it's not new anymore and thus less interesting by default. It's kind of like re-runs for TV shows. Sure it's nice once and a while to see an episode you've seen before, but I wouldn't want to watch the same episode every day for hours on end. Same thing with traversing through the same territory for however long it takes everyday or however often just to get to where I'm actually going.

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