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Blizzard seeks your class input for future updates {WoW}

Sep 13th 2011 5:45AM The thing with totems, though, is that shamans are capable of providing the widest range of buffs of any class (save for perhaps hunters). Sure, you don't have to rebuff Battle Shout every 40 feet, but what about changing buffs quickly? A big fire damage phase is coming, and suddenly the enhancement shaman drops a resistance totem at the feet of the melee and mitigates damage. The warrior couldn't do that. Or the DK dies and the rogues need their agil buff. The resto shaman drops a Strength of Earth in the melee, fixed.

While generally the buffs a shaman can provide won't make-or-break a fight, there is something to be said for their versatility.

Gold Capped: Epic gems must be in patch 4.3 {WoW}

Aug 26th 2011 2:24PM All I know is that I'm going to respec my druid's Alchemy back into Transmute Mastery, and then I'll likely power-level my hunter with Jewelcrafting and Alchemy, so I'll be able to double up on both (since I already have a JC paladin).

Lichborne: Death knights from the outside looking in {WoW}

Jun 8th 2011 4:03AM I play a resto druid, and a good DK is actually my favorite tank to heal. My hots combined with their self heals actually tends to smooth things out a good bit. Druid healers also lack any real external cooldowns, which DKs happen to have in spades. And good DKs know how to time their cooldowns well, so right when things get hairy and the kind of burst damage that I'm terrible at dealing with starts rolling in, they've managed to mitigate a lot of it and make my job a lot easier.

Ready Check: Is your raid group socially compatible? {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2011 7:31PM The whole social dynamic of a guild can change inside a raid, for better or worse. A guild primarily of jokers and chatterboxes might get quiet during a raid, or vice versa. Sometimes it's just how the players respond to the stress inherent to raiding, or sometimes it's because of the influence (or lack thereof) of the leadership. Sometimes it works out, but others it can cause problems when suddenly players that all got along great before are leaning different ways on the matter. I've had many problems within my own raid group with such an occurrence. Outside raiding, we're all friendly and chatty, and get along great. But get us in a raid, and suddenly half the group is telling the other half to STFU and raid, with the whole raid being annoyed with each other, and our raid leader is too laid back to do anything about it, which is probably a big factor in our horrid raid progression.

Totem Talk: Ask a restoration shaman {WoW}

Jun 1st 2011 2:51AM I rarely find myself using Healing Wave anymore. In the time it takes me to cast a HW or two, I can churn out a lightning bolt then toss out a GHW or HS, more often than not hasted through Tidal Waves, and through Telluric Currents make back the mana difference and then some, while doing some damage to boot.

Shifting Perspectives: Disappearance of the bear, part 2 {WoW}

Jun 1st 2011 2:27AM I've got one of every tank/healer at 85, and my druid will always be my main. Some people complain that druids are like a watered down version of a number of classes, but what I love is the flexibility. I'm primarily feral hybrid/resto, but I frequently bounce around between all 4 specs.

The best part is the ability to fulfill 4 roles with only 2 1/2 sets of gear. It seems no matter which I'm doing, I manage to top the meters. Bear tanking? I'm right there at the top of Omen, even on AoE packs. Kitty dps? I'm pulling 16-17k easy, and in largely the same gear/spec I used for tanking (I only swap out a helm and a trinket between kitty and bear.) And because I use the same spec for both, I can easily pop between roles midfight. I've saved many raids I wasn't even tanking by pulling a "herobear". Resto? Again, at the top of the meters, whether I'm specced for raid or tank healing. Boomkin? I can use the same gear I was just using for healing and also pull 16-17k, and again I only have to swap out a helm and trinket. No other class has that kind of extreme flexibility.

Aesthetics aren't an issue. Bear? Fuzzy tank ftw. Kitty? I'm literally shredding face (or butt, as is more often the case). Resto? The druid tier looks decent, and I've got the old ToL form glyphed. Boomkin? Best. Dance. Ever. Especially with my Moonkin Hatchling pet out.

Gearing has been extremely easy. (Of course I'm the only leather wearer in our raid group, so pretty much the only competition is over agility jewelry with our Shammy and Hunter). Again, I can use the same gear across multiple specs. Both bear and kitty love Agility and Mastery, while Resto and Boomkin love Intellect, Spirit(hit), and haste, while not minding Mastery.

Sorry for the wall of text, I just wanted to share some anecdotal evidence as to why that rather than think of druids as "watered down" versions of anything, I find them superior in power and unsurpassed in flexibility, and are thus the BEST class ;)