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Totem Talk: State of the enhance shaman address, page 2 {WoW}

Jun 5th 2011 12:51PM Speaking as a Rogue, specifically Combat, I can empathize a lot with the tone of this article, Chase wrote an article with remarkably similar overtones last week on our class, and by glancing at DPS parses I can see that we're residing in the same area of melee obscurity compared to other classes, especially our ranged colleagues.

I won't pretend to fully appreciate Shamen DPS class mechanics, or claim who has the larger problem, but we're in the same kind of boat as far as I can tell, albeit likely for different mechanical reasons. So I extend a leather-clad hand of friendship to our totemic brothers-in-arms, and hopefully you'll lend us a Mail-covered shoulder to QQ on in return.

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