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Mists of Pandaria: UI Updates {WoW}

Mar 19th 2012 8:07AM While I do enjoy spending points, what is more interesting is the actual choice being made (one of three talents) and the talents themselves are really interesting. Currently, maybe 2-3 talents per class are remotely close to the really well thought out talents that are expected in Pandaria.

Scattered Shots: Hunter expertise in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Mar 9th 2012 8:19AM What makes you think melee attacks can't be dodged or parried? Apart from Overpower, everything else suffers against Agility classes. MS misses, my Lambs stacks fall off, damage = rubbish.

They need to remove random dodge/parry in PvP and apply those only to abilities such as Evasion.

Encrypted Text: Meet your new poisons {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2012 1:36PM I really don't get why I get downvoted when I have presented my arguments in a non-trolling, well thought out post. Downvoting is to get rid of trolls or abusive posts. Instead, it feels more likeany opinions contrary to what you want to hear are unwelcome and shouted down.

Ghostcrawler explains stat changes in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2012 12:15AM @Thundrcrack: Dragon-killing gear are not remotely balanced when it comes to kill other players. Any non-Blizzcon WoW tournament bans PvE gear. There is a reason for that. Getting beaten by someone because their gear has a random procc or a special effect which is often game breaking is not fun nor is it skills or fair. Deathwing doesn't care if he gets randomly crit by a Rogue with Vial of Shadows for 60k, Ragnaros doesn't care if he gets a Shatter combo duplicated on him, Arthas didn't care if Shadowmourne and DBW wielders hit him for some crazy damage. Other players do. Arena is about skill and gear should play as minimal a role as possible.

Breakfast Topic: Is "For the Horde" obsolete? {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 10:46AM Even though I have switched factions to Horde on my warrior when the majority of my Arena partners moved, I still am loyal to the Alliance. I RP as an High Elf and tend to be aloof of the whole 'For the Horde' jingoism that gets the teenagers all pumped up.

While I agree, as things stand and also looking at the demographics of the game, the Horde is more aggressive and is played by more aggressive people, this is only because of the way Blizzard designed the races in WoW. The Night Elves are utter pansies, for example. Back in Warcraft 3 they were the epitome of graceful savagery. The Alliance as well, were less of the morons they are now and were grim men and women fighting desperately to save their homes.

What is needed from Blizzard is less of the 'ignore those brutes ravaging our lands and our homes for greater good' and more of 'we're going to kick your teeth in and send you back to your hovels' from the Alliance. Have Tyrande divorce her good for nothing husband, make Shandris move that massive army out of Feralas and into Horde territories.

Get the Council of the Three Hammers to stop messing around and decide on unity. Move north through the Wetlands and take control of the Thandol Span. Ragnaros is gone, Twilight's Hammer is beaten, Deathwing and progeny gone, no need for Dark Iron strife really.

Above all, get Danath Trollbane back from wasting his time in Honor Hold, get him back to Arathi, kick out the trolls, the Syndicate and the Ogres and burn Hammerfall to the ground (move the quest hub to the west, to Galen's Fall. Maybe even have an epic questline in Hammerfall much like in Andorhal, where upon completion Danath kills Galen 1v1 and sends the questing Hordie running back to Sylvannas to ler know Arathi belongs to Stromgarde once more.

Get Draenei and Gnomes more involved. Draenei in support of Night Elves and Gnomes in support of everyone.

The 7th Legion slogan is the best in the game. Puts 'For the Horde' to shame as well. Take the last part: By the Light and by right!. There we go, problem solved.

Encrypted Text: Meet your new poisons {WoW}

Feb 29th 2012 9:04PM I don't see how you can be excited, Chase. I have always enjoyed your articles, more often than not for their PvP articles, but this leaves me really disappointed. An already overpowered class, in terms of PvP at least, is getting boosts that are not needed. At all. Rogues now are what Arms Warriors were at the start of Cataclysm. Namely, specs that allow you to make 20 mistakes and get away with it. Shiv, as it stands for Mists of Pandaria, is grossly overpowered.

I play an Arms Warrior and Mace Stun never felt fun. RNG is anathema to PvP. The whole allure of PvP is to match wits with a human opponent and to outplay them, not to get trolled by random procs which could turn the tide. Mages using Fire Blast stuns via Impact should be proof enough of how idiotic Paralytic Poison could become. And frankly, Rogues hardly need more CC.

As for Leeching Poison, again, not needed. With Recuperate, Cheat Death and a 20% bonus to healing received, not to mentiona the usual tools such as Vanish, Cloak and Preperation, Rogues already have a lot of survival tools.

Mind-numbing. Another awful design here. A 100% cast-time increase to the next spell cast. Need I explain just how devastatingly overpowered that is? It makes Necrotic Strike pale in comparison.

Crippling Poison. Finally a proper design. This I do approve of. This would require a Rogue to time their Shiv. If their partners are getting tunneled by melee, they could Shiv and peel for the healer. If a kill target is getting away, again, Shiv and slow them down.

Finally, Wound Poison. Utter rubbish. A superior Mortal Strike for only 1 of the 3 classes who have it. Blizzard nerfed MS during Cata to make it less crucial, then buffed it by 15% for the 3 physical damage classes and now make it 50% for Rogues while Warriors and Hunters get shafted.

Already, almost any Arena comp with a melee can be improved by having a Rogue (Christmas Cleave/WMP/FMP become RMP, Shadowcleave/WLS become RLS, PHDk/KFC become Thug Cleave) and this is just further incentive to get Rogues in.

All in all, I hope Shiv gets changed and that Paralytic Poison gets removed during Beta.

How encounter design plays into game balance {WoW}

Feb 24th 2012 10:40PM @Vegetto375

I don't know what game you're playing when you say that Frost Mages don't have burst. Mage burst during Shatter combos with enough mastery can hit a PvP-geared person for crazy amounts of damage. My warrior has 4.7k Resilience and I've taken 28k ice lances, frostbolts and frostfire bolts, each.


That had also a lot to do with the fact that Ferals would line up bleeds on a target, then bound away and sit in bear form while abusing tanking cooldowns. They still do abuse tanking cooldowns but the bleeds don't kill someone in a matter of seconds anymore.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Considering the Mists talent calculator {WoW}

Feb 20th 2012 10:32PM You only gain Rend and Thunderclap from Battle can't even use Overpower unless your target dodges. I don't get what you're trying to achieve here.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Considering the Mists talent calculator {WoW}

Feb 19th 2012 12:22PM I am an Arms Warrior in PvE as well as in PvP, and I make liberal use of Spell Reflect and Intervene in PvE as well. If you are complaining that you won't even have these abilities on your action bars, well then you're just not utilising all the tools at your disposal.

I often Intervene my tanks when they're at low HP while I am at 100% or thereabouts. If the new Mass Spell Reflect works against Raid bosses, not so as to do free 100k damage to them but just to deflect the spell, then there is yet another use for that. The current version of Spell Reflect is brilliant against adds and trash as it is.

I wish Blizzard made PvE encounters that forced players to use utility spells more. Otherwise, with the current spam damage spam healing version of PvE, nerfs to a class impact terribly on PvP, since they can't reduce damage or healing for PvE reasons (think Intercept gone, Spell Reflect nerfed, Lambs to the Slaughter getting clunky changes.)

3 skills to improve your Arena performance {WoW}

Feb 17th 2012 8:23AM I'd add Tidy Plates for a cleaner overview of people's nameplates.

Plate Buffs to show a massive icon over their nameplate when they are in CC or when they have popped a cooldown. smaller icons for other debuffs.

In the standard keybindings of WoW, unbind Tab from Targest Nearest Enemy and bind it to Target Nearest Enemy Player. That way you don't cycle through a hunter pet, 8 snakes from the trap and 4 totems while trying to CC someone.

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