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The Light and How to Swing It: A week of tantalizing Mists information {WoW}

Mar 27th 2012 9:42AM I casually glanced at the paladin information and remain unexcited--not because I don't like new expansions and change, but because I've played paladin as main since a month after TBC and the following inevitably happens:

1) Anything about Cata paladin that worked (the few that did) will be unnecessarily reworked. (Blizzard's motto: "If it ain't broke for paladin, go ahead and fix it, anyway.")

2) Anything cool you see in Beta will mysteriously disappear without explanation.

3) Alternatively, anything healing seen as slightly more OP than shaman or priest will be nerfed. Anything ret seen as slightly more OP than rogue or warrior will be nerfed. Prot will be made more difficult.

4) Mathematical rule: As the release date approaches, the number of paladin changes + how deeply those changes are made will accelerate on a curve until if graphed, the line shoots straight up to the moon.

5) One week after release, just as paladin settle in and begin learning their class (again!), a major nerf will come as the result of players in PvP QQ'ing about paladin. This will affect not only PvP but paladins' ability to raid.

I tank and heal IN SPITE of Ghostcrawler & Co., not BECAUSE of Ghostcrawler & Co.

Breakfast Topic: 'Every female WoW player has healed at least once' {WoW}

Mar 12th 2012 6:34PM My guildmaster is a woman. She does DPS (DPSes? DPS's? more graceful, plz thx) on warlock and tanks on paladin. About 1/2 of our members are women. I can think of only a single healer among them, and even then, as an off-spec, and even THEN, she does it only when dragged, kicking and screaming (10-person progression fights lacking third healer).

I have a lot of female friends in WoW. I mean, a lot. The healers among them are triple threats: they DPS, tank and heal because doing all three across different characters is fun and challenging. The best player I know has 8 (soon to be 9) well-geared max-level characters, considers herself (huntress) DPS first and foremost, and druid healer/dps second. She also has downed every boss in the game, has insane achievement score, is wealthy, knows every class, every spec, every dungeon, every boss, every zone. She is a walking WoWpedia.

Come to think of it, most of my female WoW friends want to blow some sh*t up, and they scare me a little.

Blue Posts: Remember that MoP talents are not 100% done {WoW}

Feb 11th 2012 10:37AM Please keep using variations of "Zarhym as a judge" images. You haven't beaten it to death like "Deathwing word balloon" or Ghostcrawler "To the ground!" yet.

The Queue: Are we still having this conversation? {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2011 11:44AM "Are you going to rest all of your opinions about hot dogs on the fact that Takeru Kobayashi ate a bunch of them before you did?"

Bad analogy. But, okay, let's go along with it. If you were standing next to Kobayashi, shoving hot dogs in your face as quickly as you could because you were in a hot-dog eating contest with him, then yes, the hot-dog eating contest would be over. QED.

Also, one of my pet peeves is when people write about their pet peeves.

The strange world of the NDA {WoW}

Nov 26th 2011 12:18AM Mathew McCurley wrote:
"...[Y]ou're probably not going to get sent to prison over leaking information from the recent closed beta of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Your account will get banned or suspended, you'll probably be on the Bioware hit list for the rest of your life, or the Cupertino police department will break down your door and search your house, but the ramifications are not the "lock you away" type..."

I would certainly hope not, considering the following:

[Posted 11/18/2011:]

"As of now, the non disclosure portion of our Game Testing Agreement is officially lifted. While all players must still accept the Game Testing Agreement, from this point on testers may now freely talk about their experiences this past weekend in the game, as well as post screenshots and gameplay videos of their testing experiences. We encourage you to come join us on the official Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Forums to share your experiences!
[snipped some stuff about copying stuff from their forums]
"May the Force be with you!

"Greg Zeschuk
VP, Electronic Arts, BioWare Austin, General Manager"

5 reasons you should love Cataclysm {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2011 8:54PM Upvoted Glaras. I agree that "apologist" and "cheerleader" are the two words that I think when I run across Ms. Stickney's posts. Stick about 3/4 of the current staff (and two obnoxious frequent commenters) into that group.

5 reasons you should love Cataclysm {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2011 9:08AM Out of five features: two that made me shrug (lore and the 1-60 revamp), one was fine (but that we've begged Blizzard for since TBC--flying in Old World), and--here's the kicker--two that most players haven't even seen yet (transmog/void storage).

Instead of "why we should love Cata," I think this just emphasizes how underwhelming it's been.

Writing this while I download SWTOR to do my beta testing. That says something, too.

The Queue: Is Jaina going to keep the peace? {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2011 2:17PM Yes, it's like the whole world (of Warcraft) has forgotten about patch 4.3. I think with the announcement of MoP, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that our long (inter)national nightmare known as Cataclysm is almost over. That's how bad Cataclysm was--Blizzard said, "Panda monks!" and the fanbase said, "Hooray!"

Having said that, I can't WAIT to kill Jaina...and I'm Alliance. I'm looking forward to it like an early Christmas.

BlizzCon 2011: Pet battles introduced in Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 21st 2011 6:52PM Well done. I never actually lol at anything, but that got to me. And whenever I think about it--like I am now--it makes me laugh all over again. Thanks!

BlizzCon 2011: Pet battles introduced in Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 21st 2011 6:35PM That was supposed to read "called 'Team Rocket'" but curses, I was foiled by formatting.

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