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Arcane Brilliance: The state of the arcane mage {WoW}

Jun 16th 2011 7:07PM arcane mage scales better yes, but it is just me or is haste a bad stat to have for arcane due to burning mana too fast and hurting our mastery. if i am correct on that, then all the t12 gear has haste but 1 piece. this means that gear is not really very good for us. Crit works very well for all 3 specs but none of the gear has much crit on it. just witht he stats on the gear i would say frost is looking good or fire.

Arcane Brilliance: The state of the arcane mage {WoW}

Jun 16th 2011 6:52PM what if arcane explosion refreshed the buff we get from arcane blasts. it dont have to add more stacks per say if you only have a 2 stack and you arcane explosion then it dont add you another stack but it refreshing the timer on the stacks. So once you get a 4 stack built up, you can simple spam arcane explosion until the round of the aoe phase is over. this would allow for us to have a little more competitave aoe and not make it to overpowered.

Arcane Brilliance: Do mages need to be hit-capped? {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2011 1:52PM hit rating is a very boring stat. extremely boring, but i can see where it is important. Why should i have to to get all hit rating gear and still reforge everything i have into hit rating and still get hit rating encahnts and gems. That is just way too much hit rating required. i think for mages and for most other classes that the hit rating should be lowered a little. all you have to do is lower the amount of hit rating that you need per percent of hit raiting.

currently you need 1,742 for capp
realisticly it needs to be something like 1450 or 1500.

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