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Previous tier of raid content is meant to be pugged, says Bashiok {WoW}

Jul 1st 2011 3:07AM I love the content/lore too - hence why I do old raids, sometimes repetedly - but if you are getting the older tier nerfed and JP gear and questing gear etc. etc. what is their to complain about?

If you are simply replying to the jerks who think that every raid tier belongs to them and them only, I understand.

For people who want to Raid, we have FL Normal and H mode, and halfway through the tier, maybe a month in more "casual" (I hate that word... same with "hardcores," bleh) guilds will be downing 7/7 or close to it. Then they can farm the gear, while slightly after that the better guilds will get H mode 7/7, and start farming, probably 2 months down. This is the better of both "hardcoreish, 5 nights a week" and "casual, 3 nights but a good amount of skill," which is pretty much the min/max to raiding in a guild.

I don't really see the problem. Gives the people with more time constraints more to do for longer, and the people in guilds who hardly raid can still have plenty of t11 to do, maybe even H mode t11, and then also gearing up from heroics, dailies, and questing.

Plenty to do; if they didn't make you work for at least SOME, as in 1 or 2 bosses (Sinestra,) then there wouldn't be anything to work for. H mode it for a challenge, yes, but as far as the 7th, or last boss of a tier goes, he needs to take a lot to actually down. Maybe not even nearly as much just to see, but a lot to down, otherwise there wouldnt be anything UNIQUE for raiders or players in general to work for, aspire to, and actually accomplish.

Just saying "oh yeah I did that on hmode im 1337 hurp durp it ws exactly the same with bigger numbers and he farts ninjas every 35 seconds" is hardly exciting, interesting, or something to say "Man, I hope I get to down him eventually..."

I understand it sucks not to be able to play and see everything just because you only have X amount of time a day, or can't be on except at dog-ass early in the morn, but try changing realms or something! You can find a time zone that works better for your schedule, etc. And on top of it, as some Blue dude said, playing WoW and getting some where takes less investment, time, skill, and overall any resources compared to not only older MMORPGs, but other MMORPGs/MMOs in general.

Previous tier of raid content is meant to be pugged, says Bashiok {WoW}

Jul 1st 2011 2:21AM I think it is a solid way to do things; as someone who got to t11 content late, as I hit 85 on my Rogue about 1 month or maybe a few weeks into Cata, but decided I hated DPSing on him (Get's REALLY boring after 3 hours 3 days a week -.-) and leveled a Shaman, to heal, as my main PvE toon. I do 2k+ PvP on my Rogue, and though my Shaman was at about 355ish when 4.2 came, therefore only needing a couple JP t11 pieces and some of the new loot to hit 359/360 so I can raid, it will make getting my Rogue geared much faster, so I can PuG these raids or do them with my guild on off nights. I love this whoe idea for alts, and the fact that over time you can still get 365 + gear without actually raiding, while Raiding stil provides the best challenge and reward!

So my Rogue, I will grab maybe 2-3 365/378 rep/quest pieces, maybe buy 1 if I'm lucky, then just run Heroics for a couple weeks with guildies to have him geared for entry-level (and possibly more with the DPS Rogues can actually pull now) FL raids!

Plus, even if I decide to switch guilds, because for instance my current one is stuck on the second FL boss for a month and isn't getting anywhere and I could easily be playing at H mode level, but they are holding me back, I can go to another guild and miss a week etc. and still feel like I'm getting SOMETHING out of either crafting, questing, rep, dailies, etc.

It's nice that this tier there is more going on, and I think they handled the tier/gear situation, along with the rep/quests/crafting, and everything else very, very well.

Now if only the (not-so) 'epic' Thrall quest was a few DAYS longer, and the initial dailies weren't so underwhelming, though did pick up somewhat (I wish they took up more than 10 whole minutes -.-) then I'd be happy as a clam. There is a bit more they could have done in that department, though it is pretty alright, mostly made up for to the level of "decent to pretty darn good" form how neat and intricate both the FL raid is, and to a lesser extent the Molten Front.

They made MF REALLY seem like there was a war going on, and this was right behind the front lines, and we were barely able to hold them back, you know? Now where was that same effort for the Thrall teleport-me-til-I'm-done "quest?"

Blood Sport: Iron Sharpens Iron, part III {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2011 12:28PM Wow, epic grammar fail by me... lol XD

Blood Sport: Iron Sharpens Iron, part III {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2011 12:28PM I would love to read a similar article also, especially by yourself. I am wanting to go for Glad next season, as s9 has become quite a joke, and have been reading and soaking up all kinds of PvP material. Something like this could prove very interesting, insightful and helpful.

Blood Sport: Iron sharpens iron, part II {WoW}

Jun 14th 2011 8:10PM LOL Sorry about all the insanely silly spelling problems, the cold medicine is clogging my brain 0.0

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