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Breakfast Topic: Is the thrill finally gone? {WoW}

Sep 13th 2011 8:37AM Good Morning,

well that's something to chew on over breakfast eh? do we still luv the game? do i still luv the game? well for most of us there will be differing perspectives as to why we play. me? i'm a raider, pure and simple. and of course, that (raiding) has changed tremendously!!!

in the old vanilla days it was fun, tremendous fun. AND it was only a matter of showing up! in a guild of 330 peeps, it was simply first come, first to play. guild invite went out on tuesday after server refresh and as long as u had been previously accepted gear wise, whoever 'accepted' the invite was in. there were no meters. there were no movies. it took us 4 and 1/2 months of satrudays, 6-10 hours each day, to take down Ragneros, our newest nemesis even now. and we enjoyed, savored, and relished every second of it. when we downed him, u could hear the cries on other servers we were so overjoyed! but then... progress set in.

by the time Black Temple became the rage, Recount had shown it's face. guildies were being replaced by puggers only for a matter of 1k more dps. sad. i don't have to tell u the rest of the story... but it does bear repeating. even after 4 years, Brood of Reckoning went from 330 people to basically a 25 man raiding guild (about 35 peeps) and eventually dispersed. shame shame.

today it's a know fact that people change guilds AND servers faster than Superman can cut in front of speeding bullet. and i blame Blizzard for catering to the 'instant gratification' crowd of the young and inpatient. no more does anyone expect to work for anything. it use to take us a year in a big guild to get 'epic-ed' out. today u can buy it in a matter of running a few dungeons and even fewer quests. the fun 'factor' has definitely gone, for serious raiders at least. and it 's a shame. a real shame.

interestingly, the some of the biggest and long standing guilds have weathered the storm of the less significant. as an example i ran across a blog on Paragon's first take down of our new nemesis and after stating that it took them like '500' tries, one comment said it was probably more like 200, and then that commenter went on to justify it seriously by explaining what it takes to go such a distance. in a word: "PATIENCE". not something u find to often in raiding guilds today. everyone wants a kill NOW. never mind growing a group through camaraderie and practice. if u don't top out in the first few tries, u get replaced. and if they means going outside the guild or outside the server, so be it. but the real satisfaction will only come from what the best have proven to be. and that is PATIENCE! and btw, there's a lot of fun in that too!


Patch 4.2 class balance explained {WoW}

Jun 20th 2011 10:15AM Hey guys,

regarding the 5% nerf on AB for arcanes. please rethink. i hold both specs fire & arcane. i saw the big diff in 4.1 and, of course, luvd it. and after trying to 'gear' up for my fire spec in a new guild, i went back to arcane after that guild wouldn't deal with 'merge leftovers'. but in my new guild w/ arcane i is tops. now i understand the whole balance thing but after playing both specs heavily for the last 3 months or so, it seems that if ur gonna nerf AB a good 5% u should leave in the AM on the run (mobility) eh? after all fire has great mobility, as we agree. if u can't see ur way to changing AM on the run, how's about only nerfing AB to 3%? i mean really ...


EVE Online server offline due to DDOS attack {Massively}

Jun 15th 2011 10:41AM actually i think it's probably their own falt! played EvE Online until the tech support proved absolutely useless! a great game but bloated servers with lag would crash and would loose many items. CCP wouldn't make up anything despite proof of loss. also tech support is in India. good luck with that!

couldn't happen to a better corporation. no that i condone DDS attacks, but CCP sucks!!!

Raid Rx: Preparing for Firelands {WoW}

Jun 15th 2011 10:08AM that second sentence should read: "the extra intellect ..."

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