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Official Void Storage preview {WoW}

Aug 18th 2011 4:01PM Didn't bother to read all five pages of comments, so excuse me if someone else has already ranted about this, but...

Void storage would be ALOT cooler if it also included a restoration of tier sets we've had in the past but tearfully deleted because we didn't have the bag/bank space to keep them.. =P

On the bright side, if they let me store grey/white novelty items, I can finally get rid of my bank alts... =D

Drama Mamas: My guildie is a registered sex offender {WoW}

Aug 15th 2011 4:05PM @Noyou

Actually, I think you'd be shocked to learn how much more harshly we treat sex offenders compared to other criminals, given that they have such a low recidivism rate (the only class of felon with a lower rate of re-offending are murderers). Armed robbery certainly doesn't carry a lifetime of parole despite a recidivism rate of 80%...

Drama Mamas: My guildie is a registered sex offender {WoW}

Aug 15th 2011 3:41PM There are a few things that bother the hell out of me about this article...

First, Anon says "[t]his was immediately brought up to the guild leader, who first confirmed that guild member X was indeed the person on the list by comparing last names and location." This is NOT enough confirmation that the person on the registry is, in fact, the guildy in question. Even if X has a very distinctive and uncommon name, bear in mind there's probably at least one other person (X's parent) that has the same last name; it's also not unusual for people to name their children either for themselves or a relative, and not everyone follows the convention of using the suffix "Jr". With only a last name and location to go on, it seems just as likely the person on the registry is a close family member of X. Which begs the question -- what if X isn't the offender, but a victim of a predatory father or uncle who happens to have the same name? At this point, Anon THINKS s/he knows the facts, but is merely speculating. If the guild is, as Anon asserts, a small and close-knit "family," they owe it to X to clarify the facts before they go off half-cocked (as some guildies seem to have already done).

Secondly, assuming that X IS the individual on the registry, the other posters are correct that SO registries tend to be overly broad, and to a certain extent are subject to the whim of prosecutors. I once represented a 17 year old kid who was charged with felony sex assault. He'd gone to a party, got drunk, met a girl, and took her up on her offer of some "fun" upstairs. To make a long story short, she was caught sneaking back into her house after the party, her family called the police, and my client learned the hard way that the girl had lied about being 16. Unfortunately, mistake of age is NOT a defense, so he was looking at a prison term and a lifetime of registration as a sex offender. In his case, the prosecutor was willing to change the charge to regular assault so he wouldn't spend his life labeled as a pervert, but how many people find themselves in similar circumstances with prosecutors who aren't willing to bargain? Maybe X is one of those people, and was too scared/naive to know better... Again, I think the guild at least owes X the benefit of the doubt here, at least until they learn the actual facts.

Thirdly, if X is in fact a sex offender, the fact that s/he is on the registry indicates that s/he's probably in compliance with the law pertaining to his/her offense. This means reporting to a probation/parole officer (many states require lifetime supervision for SO's) and avoiding restricted activities; for someone convicted of offending against a child, this usually means avoiding anyone under a certain age regardless of circumstances, and I would imagine this includes playing online games like WoW that could potentially bring the offender into contact with young people. In fact, I would be really surprised if the terms of supervision DIDN'T prohibit WoW. This leads me to believe that X is probably not a threat to the guild or anyone online, but again, asking him/her outright would go a long way to resolving the issue...

And fourthly, as I think someone else mentioned above, the registries only tell you about the people who have been convicted; more than that, they rely to a large extent on the offenders updating their information when required to do so by law. So not only does it not include the people who have never been charged, but it also doesn't take into account the guys who are SUPPOSED to be on the list but who don't bother to comply. THOSE are the guys you should be worried about, IMO...

Oh, and finally -- unless the state SO registry is posting phone numbers and addresses of offenders, I fail to see how Guild Member Y could have found X's name just by Googling the phone number. I suspect Y was doing quite a bit more than that.. o.O

Breakfast Topic: Mobile guild chat -- freedom or leash? {WoW}

Aug 14th 2011 12:41PM Vent apps for Android? My iPhone is jealous...

And you're right, I'd imagine that most guilds who are serious about raiding also have guild webpages, FB pages, and dozens of other ways to keep in touch with one another outside the game. My guild doesn't have any of that...because it's made up of mostly RL friends and family, so we harass each other via Real ID, email, text messages, phone calls, and the occasional in-person appearance, all of which are far easier than dealing with mobile guild chat, IMO.

And as far as mobile chat being a leash? It's only constraining if you allow it. As with a cell phone, there's a simple solution to the problem of being "available" 24/7 -- ignore it. Or just log the hell off. No one is so singularly important that they have to be reachable every second of the day, especially when you consider that we're talking about a GAME. Hell, even firefighters and ER doctors get time off...

The Lawbringer: Mailbag 4.0 {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2011 2:12PM Oh, out of my head, rogue! Out! LOL

And maybe my server is just incredibly juvenile, but our trade chat is rife with people making statements that so-and-so is a pedophile or cybers for gold or what have you. IMO, the only thing that keeps these statements from being defamatory is the fact that people *expect* trade trolls to be full of shit, so the statements aren't likely to be taken as "truth" or harm anyone's reputation.

The Lawbringer: Mailbag 4.0 {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2011 1:56PM Re: the slander/libel issue.

"Publishing" just refers to making something known to a third person or the public generally, e.g. typing in guild chat "don't invite Magekillaz, he's a ninja" is publishing the statement, as is saying it over Vent to another person. Making a similar statement to Magekillaz while in a public setting (i.e. where other people can see/hear it) is probably also publishing said statement.

How is libel more difficult to prove than slander? IIRC, the standard is the same for both, but I would think libel would be *easier* to prove since the plaintiff could ostensibly offer as evidence a newspaper article or other printed word containing the statement in question, whereas slander would rely solely on witness credibility.

Also, opinion is a defense, since statements must generally be false to be considered defamatory and an opinion, by it's very nature, can be neither true or false. =P

Reader UI of the Week: A call for help from Understud {WoW}

Jul 20th 2011 2:14AM I use DagAssist for professions - it adds a button to the mini-map that spawns a fully customizable drop-down menu when clicked, and you can literally add anything with an icon to it. It's also one of the only addons I use that's never broken on patch day, either. I highly recommend folks check it out!

Drama Mamas: The case of the guild bank thief {WoW}

Jul 16th 2011 6:01PM @Noyou -- The fact that he mentions that he's a teen with a spinal condition that limits his activities is relevant for two reasons: a) it tells me he probably has few close friends, if any, because not only is he unable to engage in alot of the activities which his peers enjoy, but also, teenagers can be mean as shit to anyone who is "different", and b) it explains why WoW isn't merely a game to him, it's a way for him to interact with people where his disability is completely irrelevant, if not entirely unknown; it lets him feel normal, and that's important to teenagers. All of this explains why, even though this friend of his doesn't seem to be a CLOSE friend, he felt compelled to help him anyway -- this is the guy who got him into WoW, and WoW is clearly a meaningful part of this kid's life.

I don't blame his guild for acting the way that they did. If they're a casual guild, they're probably much less stringent on who they're willing to invite, and they may have had several prior experiences with people removing "worthless" stuff from the GB for non-guild purposes. It's also possible the demotion wasn't so much punishment as it was an attempt to prevent the guild from also being victimized if this "friend" tries once again to take advantage of "Spineless" -- because chances are good he will.

It's pointless, however, to tell "Spineless" how he SHOULD have handled the situation without also telling him what he should now do to make amends -- and it's clear he DOES need to make amends to the guild, at the very least to earn back the trust he lost. He needs to approach the GM, on a low-level alt if he just can't face the rest of the guild, and apologize, explain that he realizes in retrospect he was used and is embarrassed by the entire situation, and ask what he can do to get back into the guild's good graces. Do they need the materials replaced? Fine, he'll do his best to restore the GB to it's previous state. Is it really just a matter of principle? Ok, he'll pay a sum of gold in restitution and penance.

My guild operates a little bit differently than the average raiding guild; it's comprised primarily of a core group of people who have played together for years, plus RL friends and family of those people. Thus, although not everyone has equal guild bank access, most everyone feels they have a stake in the guild. As a result, most if not all of us consult with one another before removing items from the guild bank, although it's not actually required. The GM limits access to certain tabs, and has one set aside specifically for Cata mats and other high-value items that only he can access. No one in the guild has full access to any tab except for the GM, and alts rarely get access to the bank at all (if you need something that badly, you can log on your main for it). Other than the odd hacker here or there, I don't think we've ever had anyone try to loot the guild bank...

15 Minutes of Fame: Holding fast to Azeroth through the journey of Alzheimer's {WoW}

Jul 15th 2011 3:33AM LOL it IS a lovely guild name.. XD And with a family history of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other sundry maladies, I've been encouraging my mom to stop feeling guilty about her Bejeweled addiction and embrace it as a way of maintaining her mental acuity...but I'd never thought of WoW in that context! (And yes, I feel that much more justified in playing the game now than I did half an hour ago when I started reading this article.. =P)

15 Minutes of Fame: Holding fast to Azeroth through the journey of Alzheimer's {WoW}

Jul 15th 2011 3:17AM @Lady -- Basically he's suggesting that you use addons to arrange your icons so that they mirror their keybindings so what you see on the screen is literally a map of your keys, e.g. you bind Eviscerate to the 2 key and Envenom to the W key, and then put the Eviscerate icon above the Envenom icon (can you tell which class I play? =P) on your action bar. I personally use the standard UI, but have strict rules I adhere to for keybinding (e.g. primary abilities are 2-5, interrupts are bound to the dash, movement enahancing cooldowns are shift-3) that allow me to rely on habit and muscle memory rather than recollection and conscious thought...otherwise things go very badly, very quickly. =P

More important than your action bars, tho, are the people you associate with in game.. It took me a while, but I managed to fall in with a guild who are just as much about enjoying each others' company as downing bosses, and spend most of my time with a great tank who, while he doesn't necessarily understand WHY I do the things I do, is willing to adapt to it... I hope both you and Bill have found a few of those people on your servers! It really does make all the difference... =)

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